More than 6 million Americans flying due to Thanksgiving

Delta Airlines is launching new testing protocols for travel to Europe without quarantine.
2:26 | 11/27/20

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Transcript for More than 6 million Americans flying due to Thanksgiving
Now to holiday travel. Despite urgent warnings from the CDC more than 6illion passengers flew and tens of millions hit the road. Gio Benitez is atew York's Laguardia airport with the latest. Good morning to you, gio. Reporter: Hey, Eva, good morning. Many were surprised by the number of travelers we saw this week, even with that CDC warning, but now this weekend we're going to see more travelers, those passengers that traveled this week, well, they're going to have to return home. For weeks public health officials warned not to travel. But more than 6 million people still flew. Tens of millions more on the roads. And while Wednesday saw the most people screened at TSA checkpoints since the start of the pandemic, more than a million, air travel is still down dramatically, about 60% compared to last year. Airlines burning through $180 million a day. Those who have decided to travel are going instead of on a beach vacation going home to their hometowns. Reporter: Train travel a mere fraction of 2019, amtrak says business is only up 25% of what it was before the pandemic. And travel trends are certainly different. Sunday expect another busy travel day as people return home. More than a million expected at airports alone. But the record-breaking traveler numbers in this pandemic also bring fears that the virus will spread even M Dr. Anthony Fauci had warned here on "Gma" that transmission related to thanks travel and gatherings could be felt by the time we get ready for Christmas. What we don't want to see is yet another surge, superimposed upon the surge you just described which will realize three, 3 1/2 weeks from now if we don't do these public health things. Reporter: And even more people are already making plans to travel next year. In fact, we're told right after that vaccine news hit, those -- there was a huge surgen future airline bookings, Eva. And, gio, what major airline is now announcing a way to start re-opening international travel? Reporter: Yeah, that's right. Talking about travel to Europe without a quarantine and delta is launching new testing protocols, passenger was have to take four different covid tests throughout their journey but would be able to quarantine or skip that quarantine in Italy, those flights start December 19th from Atlanta to Rome, Eva. Gio Benitez for us.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"Delta Airlines is launching new testing protocols for travel to Europe without quarantine.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"74425937","title":"More than 6 million Americans flying due to Thanksgiving","url":"/GMA/News/video/million-americans-flying-due-thanksgiving-74425937"}