MLB suspends Astros manager, GM for sign-stealing

An investigation led by the MLB found the Houston Astros stole pitching signs using an illegal "camera based sign-stealing system" during their winning 2017 World Series season.
3:52 | 01/14/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for MLB suspends Astros manager, GM for sign-stealing
Now to the fallout grow interesting that world series cheating scandal enveloping the Houston Astros and could affect the red sox. Astros facing unprecedented punishment for sign stealing and T.J. Holmes has all the details. The 2017 Houston Astros had more wins than any team in baseball. Also that season they won the world series. Also in 2017 they cheated. The entire season. This is no longer an allegation or speculation, the result of an investigation, also an admission by some members of the team. So what do they do? Stealing signs? As old as baseball. The problem is they did it using a video camera, a monitor and a trash can. Listen and you'll hear a loud bang that major league baseball says is the sound of cheating. Crushed to left field. Springer has just hit his 31st home run. Reporter: An investigation sent shock waves throughout the sports world. The league says the Houston Astros used an illegal camera-based sign-stealing system during their 2017 world series winning season which allowed their hitters to know what pitches were coming. The Houston Astros are world champions. Reporter: The team's manager and general manager now fired. Here's how it worked. A camera in the outfield stands could see the catcher signal to the pitcher what pitch to throw. An Astros player would watch that camera feed at this table then bang on a garbage can which let the Astros batter know which type of pitch is coming next leading to hits like these. Altuve. Reporter: Listen closely for that bang after the catcher's signal. In the air to the left. Going back and that's going to be a one-hopper to the wall. We broke the rules. We accept the punishment. Reporter: The MLB punishment includes season long suspensions to team manager aj Hinch and general manager Jeff Luhnow and a record $5 million fine sending a message to teams around the league that illegal sign stealing will not be tolerated. Team owner Jim crane went a step further and fired both of them after the suspension was announced. This is a tough day. I've had a lot of tough days over the years. But, yeah, this is a tough one. Reporter: The investigation is expected to impact other major league teams as well. Red sox win the world series. Reporter: Alex Cora. Current manager of the Boston red sox was the bench coach for the 2017 Astros. The MLB commissioner said he developed the system one year later he led the sox to a world series title as manager. Boston is now under investigation for illegal sign stealing as well. Baseball's commissioner now says he'll determine the appropriate level of discipline for Cora after the investigation of the red sox is complete. All right. Two big questions everybody is why weren't players punished and why not take away the title? So Manfred says when it comes to players it's hard to determine what level of culpability each player had. Hard to decide. He was more responsible than this guy because they all knew. That's why they didn't punish any players. Why not vacate the title, you can't definitively say that system resulted in a win. So, therefore, leave it, let it be. They're going to keep their banner but a lot of people upset about that point. That doesn't make sense. When you're saying it did help them win and now then you're say -- Definitively. We watched that world series. They won. They're a talented bunch but saying we cannot definitively say -- The system in use and Cora goes to Boston and they win. Back-to-back world series are tainted by this scandal. Something seems to be working. All right. Thank you, T.J. Wow.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"An investigation led by the MLB found the Houston Astros stole pitching signs using an illegal \"camera based sign-stealing system\" during their winning 2017 World Series season.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68265789","title":"MLB suspends Astros manager, GM for sign-stealing","url":"/GMA/News/video/mlb-suspends-astros-manager-gm-sign-stealing-68265789"}