Northeast prepares for major winter storm

The city of Boston has stockpiled 300,000 tons of salt and plans to deploy 150 trucks.
3:13 | 01/18/19

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Transcript for Northeast prepares for major winter storm
To weather and winter storms heading right for the east coast and heading here right now, a winter one-two punch and right to ginger who will start us off in times square. Good morning. The storm we wake up now with is kind of like snizzle. Snow drizzle. This is like a nuisance headache. What we have come something a full on migraine. Winter storm warnings from Iowa to watches up to Maine. Let's go ahead and focus on the breakdown of how it moves from Chicago by tomorrow morning, heavy snow falling there, absolutely could impact flights or driving, you go Toledo toburg, on Saturday night it starts, here in New York City, tomorrow night as snow and then it looks like that icy mix transition will cut down on snow totals closer to the coast. But either way, no matter what you end up with, snow totalwise it will freeze again and that's what we're concerned with going for air travel and on the roads, look at those windchills. Feel like 20 below in New York City. Speaking of air travel we have to look at Reagan national airport. They have actually -- Philadelphia which is a little dusted with snow. There are airports that have already issued travel waivers. The airlines already considering this storm this weekend a big issue. We'll have much more coming up. Thank you. The storms as you said are bringing the first nor'easter of the year and cities are getting ready to mobilize and whit Johnson has a look at how they're preparing. Good morning, whit. Reporter: Cecilia, good morning to you. This right here is called preparation. Boston, no stranger to major snowstorms and so they are doing everything they can to keep people safe and the roads clear. Take a look at all of this salt. Mountains of it that they've got ready to go, again, we talked about those slick icy roads being a concern and lay it down on the roads before the snowflakes tart to fall to reduce the risk and danger to the people driving on it. Just in this pile 300,000 tons of salt they have here in Boston. They've got 150 trucks ready to deploy and distribute this salt to the areas that need it most and we just got new information that they're bringing in another 45,000 tons of salt by Monday. They actually haul it in by boat from Egypt so all of that ready to go but it's not just Boston, it's also the entire northeast. Let's take a look at our new York City road cam. A bit of a wintry mix. Ginger was talking about the dusting of snow in some places. You can see the slick roads there. Slick roads here, that is a major concern as the temperatures go up and below freezing. Roads icing over but the big one coming overnight Saturday into Sunday and preparing for up to a foot of snow in some places, so this salt really going to come in handy. Again, Sunday seems like it's day, here it is because the new England patriots are taking on the Kansas City chiefs in the afc championship game. The game in Kansas City but they're expecting a lot of people to be out and about on the roads here. Guys, back to you. It looks like he's on a mountain. See that Boston snow mountain every winter. We move to the breaking

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"The city of Boston has stockpiled 300,000 tons of salt and plans to deploy 150 trucks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"60464593","title":"Northeast prepares for major winter storm","url":"/GMA/News/video/northeast-prepares-major-winter-storm-60464593"}