People rush out to buy lottery tickets for the now-$1.6 billion jackpot

No winner was declared for the epic Mega Millions lottery, but 15 people got close and have tickets worth $1 million.
5:37 | 10/20/18

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Transcript for People rush out to buy lottery tickets for the now-$1.6 billion jackpot
We're gonna begin here would that billion dollar story. Now ballooning inside the upheaval got a fever here the frenzy there were no jackpot winners in last night's billion dollar Mega Millions drawing meaning. That frenzy and that massive jackpot we'll just keep on growing to a record at new number. Let's take a look at those numbers 1523536570. And the mega ball satin and ABC's you that he says is here with the hunt for what is now a one point six million net. Dollar prize good morning Jack have with the VE look at morning yet we're now talking about an unprecedented all time world record. That incredible new jackpot is up for grabs and if you thought there was Lotto fever this week. Get ready for the days ahead. This morning millions across America are now eyeing a prize of a life Tom yeah. That jaw dropping Mega Millions jackpot now it over a billion dollars no winners last night 53 Tony 350. Like mullah seven. Your odds of winning the game's largest prize one in 302 million. But this statistic hasn't deterred lottery hopefuls from chasing their fiscal fantasy. What's your big dream if you win that live on the beat are our. I now live in the Caribbean lottery fever sweeping across the country. And general aggregate win but it is that you never know like if the feeling they'll play I get to have as one just one ticket. Along the California Nevada border or some standing in line for hours to get tickets. And the hype going from coast to coast in places like Nashville Chicago Atlanta and Philadelphia. Some choosing to bet on those so called lucky locations. Like earnings liquor in San Jose which sold the last Mega Millions winning ticket. Biden strikes size it happens every hospital you know you never know financial advisors now urging the next lucky winner to seek expert council. Money does not solve money problems so get some good professional advice and you want to think about growing needs aspects. Instead of diminishing them. Good advice there and people always want to know about that cash option so if you win the one point six billion and take the lump sum payout you're looking at 904. Million dollars. And check those tickets right now because we've learned that about fifteen people in different states they've actually have tickets right now that are worth a million. All million dollars up from those I have 900 million dollars I'm gonna worry about growing bad ass and a suspended is that while possible. I may spend it maybe give it to charity yeah. Then I don't know charity absolutely. But one and 302. Million those of the those are the odds those are the odds one in 302 million. Did those are still a chance odds like you have to play to win. And listen to get that powerball tonight police still have another chance at some more money to there's and I have a chance yeah. Let's get more on the numbers and that's not blitzer hammered away party avail I'll take the chance right why not I'm here now we're. Mega Millions Lee director Gordon the data cuts have talk more about this Lotto fever. That Gordon is truly sweeping the nation here. There we have thanks for joining us GO mention the one point six billion dollar tax allied if this is this is the new records unprecedented. But com. How much. Bigger I just checked what actually get between now and Tuesday's drawing you know we're we're actually in uncharted territory here this is you know it's never happened before for Mega Millions. We had a similar thing with powerball but two and a half years ago. And so at this point we're tracking sales as they come in and estimating to the best we can but. You know hold onto your hats it could go up even further and we've seen how how how much describe how quickly because we hit that two billion dollar mark that possible. I don't wanna jinx it okay how and what possible right can't rule it out possible there's look at it it's strictly a function of how many tickets are sold as the jackpot grows so it was a snowballing frenzy more more people want in everybody. Every in the newsroom once again. How can you characterize. The significance of this as specifically with regards to the numbers the number of ticket sales you know I think this is become a national cultural phenomenon this is just something. Everybody's talking about it's a very positive story people are having fun with it and of course the great thing about buying a lottery ticket. Is the dream that it lets you have and everybody thinks about. She won't what I do what would I do. And and that's what it's all about all of and the conversations it's it's like talking about sports it's like talking about is your team than a win MI get a win is somebody from my state gonna win. People are talking about the balance between how do a decent charity Doris spoil myself with this kind of jackpot you can actually Cuba both. The last winner was all the way back in July and Mega Millions actually change the rules here about a year ago. What impact pretty scene with that rule change on this unprecedented jackpot we're seeing right now you know I think we're seeing exactly what we predicted which was that. Our players have told us over and over they like big jackpots so we change the the matrix if you will the number of balls in the in the drawn. So that these jackpots would get bigger which is what we're seeing exactly we also made the odds a little bit better for winning that million dollar second tier prize. Also raised the third tier from 5000 to 101000 so. There are nine tears of winners so people win all the time. Even if you're not gonna win that massive top jackpot type. Heard people say oh well I only get in if that's like half a billion dollars now you know as if tens of millions is not enough Gordon the delicate thank you so much very exciting time to get the mega going taps as rate my pleasure joining in the the excitement.

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{"duration":"5:37","description":"No winner was declared for the epic Mega Millions lottery, but 15 people got close and have tickets worth $1 million. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"58631950","title":"People rush out to buy lottery tickets for the now-$1.6 billion jackpot","url":"/GMA/News/video/people-rush-buy-lottery-tickets-now-16-billion-58631950"}