Top Democrats analyze Iowa Caucus, party unity and more

Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Yvette Simpson, CEO of Democracy for America, weigh in on what encourages and worries them about the Democratic race thus far.
3:13 | 02/04/20

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Transcript for Top Democrats analyze Iowa Caucus, party unity and more
Let's talk to two top Democrats former mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel and Yvette Simpson, democracy of America. You come from different wings of the democratic party. I wonder if you agree on one big thing, always been questions about the Iowa caucus, unrepresented, 92% white. Is it dead now. I think we have to have a conversation about Iowa being dead. First of all, the state does not reflect the diversity of our party. Second, this caucus thing is unwieldy and I don't know about you I'm worried about Nevada. They have a similar process. Are they going to be ready. Iowa has always been known as the bounce. Now it will be known as the Iowa blunder and everybody will go back and reconsider the fact that one state in the whole system and structure about a caucus like that, so it may go -- be part 6 like four states and the irony of this situation is based on some indication, Bernie Sanders did well. But all the changes were demanded by Bernie Sanders so he in 2016 after the process he said I want the whole process changed in Iowa. He got the change. He wanted a more transparent process and came up with three numbers and this app and created all -- It's not his fault but the irony is he would have been the beneficiary of that bounce and the other thing, George, usually you have 36 hours of a bounce. Because of the state of the union and because of this, it's 36 seconds. You won't get anything out of this and Iowa in every way it's blunder, shortchanged. New Hampshire and the next two meaning South Carolina and Nevada will set the tone. Our debate coming up Friday night in New Hampshire as well so, Yvette, coming into this Iowa caucus, Joe Biden was the national front-runner. Bernie Sanders right behind him but this appears to be more of a muddle. What does that mean. Progressives had a great day. Sounds like if Sanders was at the top, if Elizabeth Warren had the day she did it's a good thing and talking about electability. It's not good for Biden to say he's electable if he comes out fourth or third in this and worried about him in new Hampshire as well. Will he make it to south Carolina? Where he has been leading. If he makes two horrible first starts will the money still be there? Will people be behind him? Sanders, it looks like, again, we got a little information. It's more ether. There is a tie for second and the real winners in this process -- Pete buttigieg, Amy and probably again -- and Elizabeth Warren. She touched bottom and bounced back in her organization, proved valuable. Mayor Pete coming out of south Bend and Amy who basically people was at 2% just three months ago in the rearview mirror is a contender. Usually you say there's three now I say five or six. The other person if it's true again is mayor Bloomberg has an argument to make on super I still think it's a tough road for Bloomberg. In the race late. I don't know if he had the momentum. I think you would agree going shopping and got a billion bucks, it's got something to say. You can't buy an election. It should be about the people and about how you're galvanizing the base. It's about both. This debate could keep on going. We'll move on. The final democratic debate along with Manchester at 8:00 eastern.

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{"duration":"3:13","description":"Former Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel and Yvette Simpson, CEO of Democracy for America, weigh in on what encourages and worries them about the Democratic race thus far.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"68744452","title":"Top Democrats analyze Iowa Caucus, party unity and more","url":"/GMA/News/video/top-democrats-analyze-iowa-caucus-party-unity-68744452"}