Trump calls Russia election meddling 'all a big hoax'

Plus, newly released documents show the FBI surveilled a former Trump campaign adviser, saying he was "the subject of recruitment by the Russian government."
5:29 | 07/23/18

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Transcript for Trump calls Russia election meddling 'all a big hoax'
this American presidt. Back to Russia, theresident Ising eyebrows on that call it all a big hoax after wk of head-spinning explanas from the whitese but now newly loop sect documents show tbi survlled cartege saying he was the subctuitment by the Russian government. Our chie justice correspondent Pierre Thomas has more. He has a O tweetaying this Sul a S essenally to target his campaign saying this I basis for a witch-hunt Reporter: Cecilia, good morning. Th right. Wee learning more details about ten of the Russia investigation that evellcame the Russia probe but rht now you'r right, the release of these documents sparked yet another debate involving the president and the justice department thing yet another political fireorm surrounding the FBI's as ofhe documents used to oai surveillance warrants against the formeroreignolicy adviser for Donald Trump. The FBI surveilled carpage during height O trump's mpaign in 2016. Sing him O being a agent of a foreign WER, Russia. Pa ABC news the FBI's documents do not rise above complete ignorance sanity. Ie never been an agent of the foreign power any -- by any S of the imagination. Reporter: Sunday morni president trump chiming in, Ming again without evidence that his campan was spied on. Osang quote, witch-hunt rigged, a scam. He saying looking more and more lik the trump campaig president wasll side upon butter Republicans and Democrats suted the fad good reasono ite page. Carter page had,n fact, been a target of Russian lligence I T pa. Had gone to Russia dur the campaign, had meetings with the Russian offic THA page had publiclydenied They did not spy on T havseen. You have an individual here has oy bgged about his es Russia ssians. Reporter: Carter page has never beerged W a crime but ants news the point of the surveillance was likelywatch, learn and ern the ran government's tactas opposed arresting Ng off the FBI's hand Cecilia. Thank you. George. To bring in Dan Abrams for more on this now. Talking about here. This was an appti the court to survey cartepage. He had beenng for T trump campaign and released 400 pages of documents highly classified dents in T past. Presidentalled this saying the fbimisled the court saying this was all D one dossier. Everything he is saying there St isn't true. Yeah, if you react th documents them, it becomes clear exactly why they wanted this. Remembthis is a application saying this ishy we need more informn. He's WHA W knowbout the intelligence. Here's wt we know Abo the contacts. Tw about the meetings. Nowee more. And if you ally talkut ihe context of wrantsn general, this is what happens. Youknow, the big complaint has been, wale, TRE was interested parties. That's the key point. It revealedhis there that it F a politicalactor, that it may have been funded by a ac warrants are based on interest parties. That's what happens and so judge a the FBI, et cetera, have to G about evaluating how crible do they think that is. So, if you actually the warrant, it doesn'tupport almost anything. Just toclear,ny evidence in that warrant that the did aing wrong? No, there's not in the warrant application at all. Infact, is just the opposite. It very thorough document which supports their concerns aboupage Another big development over the weekend, Michael Cohen, it was reveed, had taped Donald Trump back sept 2016 dising payments to that "Playboy" playte, Karen Al, who hasaid she H an affair with Donald Trump. Talk about the signinc this tape. First of l,dent is saying it was iegally made. Itefy wt illegally made. New York is a one-part state. You canord ion if one of the partiests recordit. Separate question about Michael hen as a lawyer should he have done it? Is ital form T have done it? Th are separate question that the bar asstion would address. But keep in in order to go hael hen's office, we have to go back ts becau the president is talking about it again they D toave a warrant. Just because a lawyer and you haveclients, it doesn't mean Y immune from a warrant and, therefe, Ty can't lieve we ha probable cause to say you have coitd crime. Think about that. It sou LE the suggestion is if're lawyer and youave clients, TRE should be no way the FBI can get aarrant to E believe table cause that Yo the lawyer, he committed a crime. There's nothing indice THA they were going inhere T get information about Donald Trump. It also shows the esident did indeed know about the payments evethough he denied it many times in T past. That's right. If the recording is wt seem to believe it is now anding conversations about $150, pay the only way that it would be exctos ry I have no idea what she talk about, why Ami would be pay her, et cetera. Doesn't seemike that's what's on the tape Dan abrams,hanks very much.

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{"duration":"5:29","description":"Plus, newly released documents show the FBI surveilled a former Trump campaign adviser, saying he was \"the subject of recruitment by the Russian government.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"56753618","title":"Trump calls Russia election meddling 'all a big hoax'","url":"/GMA/News/video/trump-calls-russia-election-meddling-big-hoax-56753618"}