Zamboni driver helps out the Carolina Hurricanes

David Ayers, an emergency goalie came to the team’s aid in the middle of a high stakes hockey game.
2:42 | 02/23/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Zamboni driver helps out the Carolina Hurricanes
This is an incredible story. When a team needs to call in a backup, you think they have so many options never considering that for one hockey team the go-to would be a zamboni driver. Reporter: The Carolina hurricanes are in the middle of a high-stakes playoff race, but when not one, but two of their goalies got injured -- the team needed to call in some backup from quite an unlikely place, 42-year-old David Ayres. The unlikely goalie is usually on the ice, but as a zamboni driver for a minor league team. Now with no other options, the hurricanes called him up checking into his first NHL match. Not many people including it seems the hurricanes' head coach had high expectations, but after giving up two goals, Ayres delivered a performance that won't be soon forgot. Made me settle in a little bit. Reporter: Stopping 8 of 10 goals holding his own against the NHL's most powerful offense, winning the game and the hearts of the fans. Oh, man. Look at that reaction. Reporter: And his new teammates showering him in celebration. These guys are awesome. The spot that settled me down when the guys said to me, just have fun. We don't care if you let ten goals in. Reporter: Ayres making history, becoming the oldest goaltender to win their national hockey league debut. Not only that, but Ayres is a kidney transplant survivor. Overnight, the hurricanes announced via Twitter they're working to identify a kidney foundation to receive a portion of the proceeds from the sale of t-shirts bearing his name. Great job. Reporter: But for Ayres, just getting on the ice seems to be a dream come true. It was awesome. Obviously the time of my life out there. I have been on this ice many times without fans, and put fans in the mix, it's a whole different game. Pretty cool story. All of this happening on the 40th anniversary of course, on the miracle on ice. That's amazing. I love that. The zamboni driver coming in for the win. Right? There's always hope, exactly. Dan's got a chance someday. Speaking of the miracle on ice of course, ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 will have special programming that will air throughout the day, including a special feating rarely seen footage from the game. That's over on ESPN. We didn't get to hear Dan sing ice, ice baby again. Somebody wrote that. I just said it. Did you not realize it was vanilla ice? I was waiting for you to say, turn off the lights and I'll glow. We'll have to wait. Stand by for that one. Thank you, janai.

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{"duration":"2:42","description":"David Ayers, an emergency goalie came to the team’s aid in the middle of a high stakes hockey game.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69158529","title":"Zamboni driver helps out the Carolina Hurricanes","url":"/GMA/News/video/zamboni-driver-helps-carolina-hurricanes-69158529"}