An 'SSK' big wedding surprise!

The viral marriage proposal couple is here and they have one more big shocker.
6:55 | 02/24/20

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Transcript for An 'SSK' big wedding surprise!
Today we want to share a special video with you guys. It is an amazing wedding proposal set up "Family feud" style. It's received over 4 million views on social media. Check it out. Check it out. Name a day a woman always dreams of? Her wedding day. Name something a woman wears all white. Her wedding. How will you finish this, will you marry me? Yes, I will. Might as well make it official, right? Oh, my gosh. Well -- we are fortunate to have the happy couple in our audience. So come on up, Josh and Kiana. Congratulations. Thank you. Good to see you, man. Come on in here. You guys, I love that so much. Loved that. Okay, we -- I know I have seen at will of proposals, done it a few times myself. I mean, but, okay, how did you come up with this "Family feud"-style proposal? For the longest, my mother and I were trying to figure out the best way to get the job done. Yes, me and my mom. We were trying to get the job done and we decided why not continue the family game night, like we do, and end it with "Family feud." Both of our families love it. We had to get her involved, though, because she's the host. I was like I have a job to do. Making sure you answer the questions correctly. That was my job. I was not privy to any of this. You didn't have any clu No. We were planning like throughout the day we were coming up with the questions for the game and then once we did the fast money round, they were like, Kiana, you should do it. No, I came up with the game. But the questions weren't Christmas related, which threw me off in the beginning, and then I was like, how did my partner get these wrong? My partner got nothing right. I don't understand how. Oh, my gosh. So we understand that you're deciding to get married next year, any reason, you're waiting until next year? So we're finishing up school, I'm currently at duke university school of medicine. And Josh is at a&t. I'm a criminal justice student. So we want to finish school first. And then you know -- You're so proper about this. Yes, I'm organized. You know what, congratulations to both of you on that as well. Josh, you have another question you wanted to ask. Well, I know we wanted to stay in the surprise mood. So, I wanted to know -- Okay. Will you marry me this Friday on "Strahan, Sara & keke"? Shut up! Yes. She said yes. Oh, my gosh. I got to say, we -- they might have known but of course we all work at "Ssk," I had no idea this was happening. They're getting married! Congratulations. We love you guys so much, this is the perfect way to announce our big fast TV wedding. The best person to do the job, you have to have it done right. We want to introduce Jessica Mulroney, who's the wedding and style expert who's going to help us pull this off. Come on out. I'm so excited for you. Thank you. Okay. Kiana and Josh, what's going through your head? I'm not used to that. I'd like to know everything. So this -- I'm shocked. Couldn't do it by myself. I'm really happy you said yes a second time. This is a great thing for me. We're going to plan your dream wedding in five days. I promise you that, stress-free, it's going to happen. What? Did you say stress-free? Right. We're going to take on all the stress, you won't have anything to worry about and I promise you, it's going to be spectacular. Jessica, you're by far the best in the business. Thank you, I appreciate that. How does Thi work -- you'll sit down with them, talk with them -- Actually, I'm going to pretty much whirl you out of here very soon. You guys like games, right? Right. You like "Family feud," so we thought maybe for this wedding, the viewers and the audience could play a little bit of bridal game with you and choose a lot of the elements that are going to happen in your wedding. Okay. A little surprise. What do you think about that? A little voting. We'll start with your dress right away. I'm going to take you dress shopping today. And we're going to shop -- This is so exciting. I know dresses. I'm going to find three of the best options and then the viewers are going to vote on which one she wears this Friday. What do you think? I'm ready. I'm ready. Yes? Okay, good. I'm not even getting married this is a lot to digest even for me. You know what, we're going to be Kiana and Josh and Jessica all week long and tomorrow America

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{"duration":"6:55","description":"The viral marriage proposal couple is here and they have one more big shocker.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"69179572","title":"An 'SSK' big wedding surprise!","url":"/GMA/Strahan_Sara_and_Keke/video/ssk-big-wedding-surprise-69179572"}