'40 for 40': Ginger Zee Gives a Tour of Her Baby Nursery

Zee and her husband, Ben Aaron, give "40 for 40" a sneak peek at the cloud mobile in their baby-to-be's nursery.
8:02 | 11/19/15

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Transcript for '40 for 40': Ginger Zee Gives a Tour of Her Baby Nursery
Aren't as they wanna ginger zee who used to work with you on on Wii has announced a player during the week in part spores whether it concerned. She should get ready for bed right about now because it's an early up tomorrow morning for sure but an eight. During a marathon session like bets on which then her husband have participated earlier in the weather are are you guys recovering. You're. Well I have. Has that he's battled our doubles you know your cookies and I knew you knew it at. And Otis who thinks he's going to get a cookie. And he's not. Not only getting out nursery at fat. He will where people just sick in bed for hours due uneven yet but he looks handsome or he'd England's lake but. The Nevada. Give everybody a date CNN that. So Otis is an activity. And that's adopted maybe now for I don't know how long. So your your your focus. About the shift to what's behind you. Which should be delivered about thirty. The crypt let's take a senator and here you not. You know people want to see what you how you set the nursery up. Will live in Manhattan's I have to say it's small puppies don't don't expect too much it's it's kind of just her room. But we didn't have a nice trip. Very and we just went to a baby CPR class tonight. A little bit needs to see how it has the clouds cumulus. A license. I asked again. Well Bo mobiles are hugely important I can tell you mobile scene. Land and younger when you were electing him. Yes and I want owning a lie there in his own yes I would go watch the knicks Groveland the Leon. You know left with few lucky. So Denver has a Moldova has clouds events are electorate is about. That is easily attain also hilarious and like how he's. Being a mind in this game. It was that. Think it's. I doubt the Cheney table and relatives stating I'm city you don't stuff stand when you come over I got an elected doubles up Oreo is considered Dante went I I eat a whole box of single stuff the other night and it didn't go well that and stick like there. There via. But a tough tough run. They show after just sat and we just saw that original video updates on southern here's their friends we've got my friend Francesca a lot of help to painted. This wall and he made this pillow for us well I mean I can't read it probably a better happens again in the none. But a a as well I'm. Indicated it would make it happening at her it's very good. I could tell yet it's great yeah. I think bigger is easy Internet and not actual television. Yeah seriously that he's not I'm using it. There are nice it's like they're rodeo cowboy rope and a half right there. We're as ready edell bottles. De Paris are yeah. And you reference. Every day are you gonna swallow or not swallow that's that seems to be moderate question. Big. Like it might even have a son that he doesn't want east Lott also yes to unity then you remember read carried out a full Irina helped along that they. Nothing unit garrido. Well it looks. Great books including a couple of friends got us this but. Can you read that. Most of about a tornado is Oden and tornado. Add that a lot of after he survived I hope that Fannie and imprisonment but. Not that we are ready yet. Kidd has a candidate whose jacket I can't even afford attending Vietnam jacket and get our dad's been born yet. I try killers. Yelled at all of these jackets. That's pretty satellites to form the man who's gonna get chilly southern. That's then it will. We're missing are rocking chair that's what's coming yet it was back order to something imminent very busy cloud that has kids need a lot apparently we've got. And there's so much going on here. Love them. You need all the gear right stuff that you know. A lot of new Yorker he now they just. I'm literally stick pick in the closet. Yeah a ha yeah. They'll put the privilege closets are pretty UK have a small they're here right now for New York standards of resentment and looks pretty yet. That's not room you got everything you need it. They you so much in and it got my bag ready for the hospital. It's you know instead of being packed for tornado or hurricane coverage I've got this. Bag full of I don't even now all the socks and underwear that any. You're going back is earth in that he and me and your jammies. S. Yeah that's pretty much say we're gonna break and the city hospital that's Patriot Act says but he questioned how it really will you be if you're in the delivery room screaming for an epidural and then you look over advantages talents and double stuff Oreo. And I can't be angry I expect it so you know it's just let what's gonna happen and he. And I loved Otis got bored of us he's he's over us. We're gonna living room now yet this honestly went our way. A artist he's our allies. Good boy law Eunice you know. They have got a one track mind we just lose that you talked about the Orangemen went to go get pizzas that he's delivering to a lot of the of the gang here. You know they work so hard overnight I don't coming down the street. I don't I'll be making a delivery to you but you're you're you're eating for two episode I think he should you know at least provide one or two slices. And I take pac running thank you so much ammo just enough spice in Greece to get through. Hey out. Let's do this standard is being used you know one of the few times we get to work together would agree hour we had this afternoon. Alongside Spencer Christian talk in whether in. And some signs and some others but I want I want us to break some news together. Right now I want to know. The name and that of your baby boy. The common in the next what 45 day and. Yeah. That's some names that relying also. You have a child waiting at. Now where we're waiting to see him I think. I mean there are I don't know that they even have a look yet. Need McCain as soon as he comes out because you just need a much he is Bill Clinton he's. Mushy getting a much you are gonna look like that most writer and love. Nothing ever in your life it's going to be amazing in we're so site view and and thank you for showing us around the nursery ban unity great dad as much as you downplay it and now you get it. You get it do so well and ginger is tough crazy as you are in the field. I see you return the maternal side ticket and you're going to be great mama working moms get back to work soon as we're gonna needed as a loser. They came here. It's yet we need to split the extremes and as. Yeah I know that I've had me doing all these crazy things figured now right now and I'm I'm pretty banged up by itself please come back seat and I get some sleep guys Sosa get the hang out here really appreciates the of that the gender. Bias.

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{"duration":"8:02","description":"Zee and her husband, Ben Aaron, give \"40 for 40\" a sneak peek at the cloud mobile in their baby-to-be's nursery.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35293453","title":"'40 for 40': Ginger Zee Gives a Tour of Her Baby Nursery ","url":"/GMA/video/40-40-ginger-zee-tour-baby-nursery-35293453"}