5th Grader is Varsity Basketball Team Star

Julian Newman and his sister show off their basketball skills.
2:50 | 02/19/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 5th Grader is Varsity Basketball Team Star
Put your basketball hoop but where is that young legend. Loving boy. I love to have you -- internationally and -- And sister -- -- you were in fifth grade. Urine and you're in the third -- I don't what did you want to point out as I point out to -- that this four foot. Five inch fifth graders actually the star point part of high school team Norway finally however spot and that these two are dropping like sixty plus against -- there an age their respective courts. I don't want to point out you are a straight a student. So you -- you hit the books aren't you gotta stay eligible. Aren't you glad you like watching -- rather play in Vegas are you ever worried about him when he's up there you've got my size and later. He -- -- he can handle Brent. Do you guys play a lot together once you do. How did she king -- she's known him he's we Sox -- come -- So again we were talking on the big show. V you know we all put balls in that -- of our. Of our kids but I mean. We what did you see when these little tights were just three years old. They -- just -- -- pat I have tremendous passion for the game Mosul they bulls he played -- -- we have kept. Just -- more delicately easily escalate ourselves she diverted to see their entire third of that great and reliable see that's unbelievable we're gonna put her videotape produced impressive. Yeah she can be diligent when they're OK tell you right here in who okayed. These two kids are already better this than will ever be at anything and our lives. I have added you varsity ball players yeah yeah. -- yeah. Loving -- Future OK so just so we're clear I think here we have given the 20/20 two draft maybe maybe six. Just -- remember remember your -- EUS dollars RA is seriously Julian. Congratulations. Oh yes you want you again you know our friend Robin Roberts has come back -- -- tomorrow she's a hall of Famer -- -- college basketball team. And some may be two Watson -- -- I know you have handled like this but. He wants to -- to -- and welcome -- All that new -- everybody.

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{"id":18537016,"title":"5th Grader is Varsity Basketball Team Star","duration":"2:50","description":"Julian Newman and his sister show off their basketball skills.","url":"/GMA/video/5th-grader-julian-newman-3rd-grade-sister-varsity-18537016","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}