Black Box Recovered in Algerian Plane Crash

New information reveals that 118 were on board when the plane crashed in one piece during a storm.
2:53 | 07/25/14

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Transcript for Black Box Recovered in Algerian Plane Crash
Bazi, thank you. To that other breaking story, the plane crash in Africa. The wreck has now been found by a drone. The military now securing the scene right now and already has one of the black boxes this morning. ABC's David Kerley is live in Washington with the latest. David? Reporter: Good morning, David. Much more information. There were no survivors and a new number, 118 on board. According to the French and word that the jetliner apparently crashed in one piece rather than breaking up in the air. This morning, the wreckage of this plane has been found on the edge of the Sahara desert. It was a French military drone which spotted the wreckage from the air. The French are militarily active in this area and nearly half of the passengers were French. So a column of 30 vehicles and soldiers immediately dispatched to secure the site. French soldiers report finding the aircraft disintegrated and concentrated in a small area. So far, one of the black boxes has been recovered. The md-83 was in the air for less than an hour and the French transport ministry says that while terrorism cannot be ruled out, the crash was likely due to bad weather. It was just before 1:00 A.M. For a red-eye flight with 118 on board that the plane took off from Burkina Faso, less than 50 minutes into the flight, the crew asked to be rerouted because of strong storms. At 1:47, French officials say, contact was lost. The French president expressed grief for those lost and said French aviation investigators have been dispatched. In just two days, two passenger planes in bad weather have gone down. It was a Taiwan plane that crashed during a thoon on Wednesday killing 48. So is your plane safe? We've seen jets tested for lightning strikes in a bow are Boeing lab and designed to survive storms but pilots are supposed to fly around bad weather. Weather in and of itself shouldn't have been a problem in either of these accidents so it's likely to be a combination of the weather and the pilots not being able to react to the weather. Reporter: There are no Americans listed on the passenger list. Five Canadians were on board of as we mentioned, French investigators who are very good, should be on the scene soon and, David, those black boxes will tell us a lot about the pilots' actions and the weather, those very severe storms the other day. All right, David Kerley, thanks. We know they're built to withstand weather but ginger was saying you looked at the radar, what they flew through was impossible. We have the satellite images, the inter-tropical convergence zone, itcz and air lifts and you get storms. Northern side they move from northeast to southwest so the plane takes off, into or close to the storm. We don't know yet and then the wreckage is found in that same path so it does make sense this would be a factor in the crash. David and robin. All right, ginger. Such an unsettling time for aviation. So many in the last week. Now to the deadly shootout

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{"duration":"2:53","description":"New information reveals that 118 were on board when the plane crashed in one piece during a storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24708115","title":"Black Box Recovered in Algerian Plane Crash","url":"/GMA/video/air-algerie-black-box-recovered-plane-crash-24708115"}