Angelina Jolie Inspired by 'Unbroken' Hero Amidst Health Issues

The actress reveals the real-life hero's strength inspired her to stay strong through recent health struggles.
2:15 | 04/03/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Angelina Jolie Inspired by 'Unbroken' Hero Amidst Health Issues
Angelina Jolie is speaking out about the man who inspired her to stay strong during her recent health struggles. ABC's Cameron Mathison has the story. He seems to have some gas in reserve. Reporter: The critically acclaimed world war ii drama about Louis Zamperini. But "Unbroken" didn't just inspire the audiences who went to see it but had a lasting impact on the famous female who brought the story to life. The film's director, Angelina Jolie. I wanted to put something out in the world that reminded all of us of the strength of the human spirit. Reporter: Telling "People" magazine working on the film and getting to know Louis Zamperini made a lasting impression that's helped her overcome her own personal struggles in the past several months. Louis is somebody that gave Angelina Jolie a lot of inspiration. She's learned that when you see an obstacle you have to face it and overcome it and now cower to it. You are don't give up. You fight till the finish. Reporter: Jolie who captured these rare interviews with Zamperini before he died says she's drawn on Zamperini's faith as inspiration and will continue to as I journey through life and the twists and turns that come my way. Twists and turns like Jolie's recent decision to remove her ovaries and fallopian tubes after a blood test revealed what could be signs of early ovarian cancer, the very disease that killed her mother, aunt and grandmother. Jolie revealing the very private ordeal in an op-ed in "The new York times." The decision coming nearly two years after the star stunned the world undergoing a preventive double mastectomy after testing positive for a gene mutation that puts her at higher cancer risk. So many women following in her footsteps and getting that test as she told George last year. I didn't expect there to be so much support and I was very moved by it. Reporter: A mother, humanitarian andartist, whose spirit like the man who inspired her -- If I can take it, I can make it. Reporter: -- Seems con physically unbroken. For "Good morning America," Cameron Mathison, ABC news, los Angeles. Glad Angelina is doing well.

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{"duration":"2:15","description":"The actress reveals the real-life hero's strength inspired her to stay strong through recent health struggles.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30081135","title":"Angelina Jolie Inspired by 'Unbroken' Hero Amidst Health Issues","url":"/GMA/video/angelina-jolie-inspired-unbroken-hero-amidst-health-issues-30081135"}