April Fools' Day pranks: The all-time best

ABC News' T.J. Holmes tracks some of the most notable April Fools' Day moments.
2:32 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for April Fools' Day pranks: The all-time best
In case you didn't check your calendar this morning, guess what, it's April fools' day. Watch out. Do not trust anyone or anything. Mom, I'm on to you. Don't even try it. Except ABC's T.J. Holmes who is in the social square with some of the best April fools' jokes caught on camera. This is an April fools -- My Mike is working just fine. These are the folks, Amy, you need to be looking out for, your friend, me, co-workers, me as well, I qualify but also your siblings and spouse. Those are the people most likely to come after you today. If you know me I love a good prank. Reporter: One of Jim me's favorite pastimes pranking his family on the first day of April every single year. He's okay. This is -- You keep saying he's okay. What are you freakin' nuts. He ain't okay. Reporter: Like the time he spent a fake news crew to his aunt's house to wreak havoc. You never get tired of doing this stuff to me. Reporter: She's not alone. She'll come over to the sink. Turn it on and get sprayed in the face. Today countless families across the globe will fall victim to their relatives on this day of foolery. Aagh! Reporter: If you think you're safe when you leave the house, think again. That is hilarious. Reporter: Your office a veritable playground for pranking where a little redecorating could be in the cards. Your cubicle covered in balloons, tin foil. Oh, my god. Reporter: Or the ever popular so ran wrap. I hate you! Reporter: So today make sure you watch your back and where you sit just in case. Good old-fashioned whoopee cushion. I do love it. One out of three plan on pulling a prank. We got six of us. Ali gets me every year. We talked, spouse, friends, co-workers are the most likely to prank you. Who wow a is theeast person to get pranked today? Oh, to get pranked. Of us or -- The boss. Generally speaking -- There it is. The boss. Good one. That is the one person who is not going to be happy today. When it's not a joke -- You can try it, T.J. Make rob do it. No, no, no. Here's a great improve this! Tip from Lowe's.

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{"duration":"2:32","description":"ABC News' T.J. Holmes tracks some of the most notable April Fools' Day moments. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30042984","title":"April Fools' Day pranks: The all-time best","url":"/GMA/video/april-fools-day-pranks-time-best-30042984"}