Battling the Addiction to Cellphone Use at the Dinner Table

Author Jason Gay has some sensible rules to reduce rude moments caused by phone use at the table.
2:49 | 06/24/14

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Transcript for Battling the Addiction to Cellphone Use at the Dinner Table
Next up, "Wall Street journal" piece getting a lot of buzz. Talking about the bad habits so many of us have, sneaking a peek at your phone at the dinner table. But the author says parents with young kids can keep the phone handy in case the babysitter calls. But sneaking a peek under the table is a no-no. He has fun with it. Here's a couple of his other rules. You're not permitted to instagram your food. What is this? 2012. You're allowed to check your smartphone during lunch. It's lunch, who cares. If the babysitter calls, that's an obvious. And three minutes only, everybody can check their phone. And it's back to the rule. And I do think this is important to talk about. There's nothing worse than being at a dinner, sharing time with friends. We're all guilty of it. I know. Even the crutch of, somebody has a question and we don't know the answer so we check Google. There's caveats. Up next on "The heat index," big news for any parent hoping to raise the next world cup superstar. There's a new study in "The international journal of sports medicine" say that the children born in the fall, have an advantage. Researchers in the U.K. Studied more than 8,000 children. And found that those born in October and November performed better in running, strength and jumping tests than their peers born at other times of the year. And the study, they believe this is because their moms were pregnant during the summer months. And the extra exposure could account for that athletic ability. Talking to Jen Ashton's daughter, Chloe, heck of a hookie player. Born in November. It's conclusive, now. Anybody born in June is the worst athlete. Jen conquered with what the study was saying about vitamin D. Really? Yeah. Who knew? I'm just -- Just the messenger. I do think there's something to it. Think about strong, powerful you feel in the sun. And when you don't get sun, how down you feel. Let's go with that. Do you all Google your dates -- I guess it's been a long time. Yeah, honey. I Google all my dates. A writer at "The new Yorker" magazine, making the case for not googling the person before you get to know them. People say they become too overwhelmed with information. I googled Andrew, before I started dating him. We have to go outside to Michael right now. Hey, Michael.

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{"duration":"2:49","description":"Author Jason Gay has some sensible rules to reduce rude moments caused by phone use at the table.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"24277845","title":"Battling the Addiction to Cellphone Use at the Dinner Table","url":"/GMA/video/battling-addiction-cellphone-dinner-table-24277845"}