Bethenny Frankel Moves Forward With New Book, Show

Skinnygirl mogul discusses moving on from her divorce and offers life tips to "GMA" viewers.
4:21 | 08/14/13

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Transcript for Bethenny Frankel Moves Forward With New Book, Show
We have bethenny frankel here today. Such a great girlfriend and a busy woman at that. I was just asking you off camera, you have four "new york times" best sellers. Right. Hopefully number five on the way. "Skinny girl solutions" came out yesterday. What we're going through as women. Trying to look decent, while keeping our houses organized and dealing with motherhood. Keeping it all together. And you break it down into so many different areas. We're going to play a game in a moment. First, how do you do it? I know you've been through a rough go. First and foremost, my friend, how are you? I'm good. I'm good right now. I sound corny with a -- I'm so blessed. I'm so lucky. It would be horrible for me to complain about anything. We have difficult days. We have easy days. And I'm in rare air. I'm so fortunate. I loved your book. And my producer knows, I quote it all the time, to approach everything from a place of yes, not no. And I feel like I've done that. How have you taken the divorce and going through what you have and turned that into a yes? I know everything I've gone through in my life, no matter how difficult it's been, I find out later why it was so difficult. We go through struggles. A road has thorns. And I'm so blessed. I think that it's my calling to help other women talk to women about what they're going through. No matter what it is. Good, bad, business. My book involves a lot of business advice. I think women are interested in balancing business and home. And also, just starting businesses. Yeah. Do you foal like you're going to be able to find time for you, in term les of romance, and making sure you take care of yourself, as you go on promoting a book and starting this new show, not to mention mothering a beautiful girl. We have to be efficient, delegate and prioritize. When you have quality time with the people you love, you feel good about it. When you're working, you're working. And we're trying to juggle it all. And if you're efficient, you can As far as personal life, right now, I'm taking time just for me and my daughter and the show. And for women. To kind of experience all of them going through with women. What's the hardest thing about being bethenny right now? It's not difficult being bethenny. It's not difficult. I'm so blessed. It's not difficult. I love it. I love your attitude. Look how lucky I am. I'm in the middle of times square. Hanging out with a girlfriend I've known for years. Promoting my book and I have a talk show. I'm lucky. I want to help other people to be able to have the things i have. We love a game here at "gma." Based on your book, we've come up with this thing. What's your frank-el solution? It was late. Here's the scenarios. And bethenny's going to give you great solutions. Scenario number one. I know my weight's fluctuating. I weigh myself but that can be misleading and discouraging. What's your solution? I think weighing yourself can be obsessive and tricky. You can drink a glass of water and gain a pound. You should have a pair of jeans. The truth jeans. That really just -- you -- they're tight. And when you can't get the button closed, you just reel it in. You don't have to be obsessive. I never feel like I have enough hours in the day. I need to get things done more efficiently. Women try to please everybody. And then, they put themselves last. And you have to put -- that's what I was trying to say to you. Every day, you have to do one thing for yourself. One thing -- one good quality thing with your family. And you have to be organized. You have to have your house organized, your life organized. And you have to sleep. You have to try to get quality sleep. Honestly, you're living proof that you can do it all. And you don't beat yourself up. Bethenny frankel, "skinny girl solutions." Everything you can imagine. And you're looking at it. Thanks for being with us.

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{"id":19956781,"title":"Bethenny Frankel Moves Forward With New Book, Show","duration":"4:21","description":"Skinnygirl mogul discusses moving on from her divorce and offers life tips to \"GMA\" viewers.","url":"/GMA/video/bethenny-frankel-moves-forward-book-show-19956781","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}