Billboard Music Awards Finalists Announced

Ludacris and Ciara announce the full list of nominated artists, including the Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and more.
9:54 | 04/11/16

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Transcript for Billboard Music Awards Finalists Announced
Yes look good on everybody we are in Indiana are no hope for this morning. Fifteen billboard music awards and I think we are here is his name all of the finalists and our artists and remodel has taken off from on the let ladies go first. Paul Nike satellite that the top billboard 200 artist Iraq Adele. Justin Bieber and Drake. Taylor Swift. And the leaking. Yeah. Top song sales artist that did. Justin Bieber Drake. Value and the league game. Yeah I'm on your car I dig a top radio songs artist Justin beaver now legal dean. And CN Taylor Swift. And the leaking. Well our yeah. How we got through different artists it's our touring artist Madonna. One direction. The Rolling Stones. Taylor Swift you true nice. Yeah. Thai army artist you got my homework Chris brown and Jeremiah. Leon. Bryson tiller and the Wii game. I. How rap artists aren't draped. Steady one. Future of the wiz Khalifa. And some into. I constantly artists go ahead I'm not into the history eyes. Zach brown van. Lew Brian. Sam hinds Kristin Watson. In Carrie Underwood. Top Latin artists you can bond similarly and say they Sergio. Leave I got. Hope I got them right along every. Nikki do. Those limits bill around so there Harry outcome until we have one bad news yeah Romeo Santos. Yeah yeah yeah. Not dance electronic artists are the chain smoker. Major laser and said. Top Christian artists casting crowns. Lauren did you deal. They won't say and that right Gregg Smart they will fail hill song united love and mercy me and Chris Tomlin. Top. Gospel artist. Travis green and not consent I love him you. Products that. Time. Soundtrack we have empire the original soundtrack from seizing Warren. Fifty shades of gray police colonel period seven. Guardians of the galaxy also mixed value more and and pitch perfect too. I got differently top army album Chris Brown royalty. Rihanna and tack. Bryce until it traps so. My homeboy retirees black rolls ice the week in beauty behind the madness. And if I could not that there's still time rap albums Drake if you're reading this is to lay draped in future what it's time to me alive. Doctor Drake Compton. Kindred LaMont a pimple butterfly. Meek mill dreams were more than money love that. Right. Now. I don't like seeing this next category like in my coaching list of top country Allen. Chris Stapleton traveler. Live rat he'll the last Sam hunt want to Milo who busted right Zack brown band Jacqueline hat. Think Carrie Underwood still attend. Tom Brock how little you have Alabama State sounding callous and David Boyd blacks. Coldplay a head full of yearning. Mumford concerns while the mind. 21 pilots blurry faith. And I. Ali I'm listening tot that's an album and that's kind of message Monday and their own those laws do okay. One get real mystery metal no. Fortieth and of a sudden you come on women might not come ICD. Don't rattle or TX point mistake that current Romeo Santos climbing up the volume of two. Both. High top dance electronic album yet David get a listening. May delay there. A piece in the mission. Oh there's that in return this relaxing dip below through X and inflow president Jack you. Can say is true colors. Who and I probably my top Christian album Laurie Diego how can't how can it be. He'll song united in science. Joey and worry pins that are important to us. Tell me Matt this is not a test. Chris common. A door Christmas songs abortion. Top gospel album. Campaign Browning group therapy every day Jesus. Plastic Cobbs one place to live. Kirk Franklin flew them my religion. John of them in reynolds' life music stage through. And mormons that use shall leave. Top selling song. Adel Hanna and I find every coming minute wiz Khalifa featured trolley keep seeing you again. All meet tinian. Rachel Platt food fight song. The weekend. The heels and. How could radio's song Adele hello. Wiz Khalifa features rally pulled see you in game. Mark Bronson feature Bruno Mars town folk. While the moon shot up and dance. In the we can't can't feel my friend. The top streaming song and audience. Justin Bieber sorry. Justin Bieber what do you mean you keep steady lot trapped clean. The leaking into the hills. Drake hot line to lead. Tough streaming song Freddie while trapped between. Wiz Khalifa features are improved CU and in. Mark Bronson feature Bruno Mars townsfolk. Silent so watch me and the weak in the hill that's for the video tuned. Crack the top country song. Sam can't break it up as a small town. Sam hunt take it time. Little big town girl print. Thomas red dot ahead in Maine Chris Young pump come in a. Top led in song. Dave boundaries and he knew that. Carry out c'mon tell you those flavors there aren't so today emits Easter. Someone who makes room saying this stuff right Nikki Jamie Enrique Iglesias bail for no. My little my moral could sit there. And Romeo Santos pro west back in Houston today yeah. It's a list some top rap song you have Drake how alarmed willing fading left Freddie while trapped between. Freddie watt 67 Nazi Germany voice. Silently until watching me and wiz Khalifa feature it probably prove to you we will. I'm. Is it he read analyst conference hop dance electronic song that's right. The chain smokers featuring roses roses. DJ snake and allude joints. You know you'd like. Dating get a featuring naked men not envy he wrecked so an affluent that hey mom what. May delays are indeed a snake featuring. MO. Lean on. It's relaxed. And dip low what I knew how to convene. And top free theme song we have hills song united oceans square feet may have failed. Until song united test this guy. Mercy me flawless. Needs a brief featuring Gavin McGraw brother. And Chris Tomlin good good Bob. Top gospel song Anthony brown and group therapy. Work. Eric Campbell featuring big she is I that. Kirk Franklin want to be happy. Travis green intentional and Brian Courtney Wilson worth fighting for it. And and I believe me and during the nobody. When he thinking you would nominee yeah. We needed for the yeah. We made it happen.

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{"duration":"9:54","description":"Ludacris and Ciara announce the full list of nominated artists, including the Weeknd, Justin Bieber, Taylor Swift and more.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"38306595","title":"Billboard Music Awards Finalists Announced","url":"/GMA/video/billboard-music-awards-finalists-announced-38306595"}