'Bloodline' Star Linda Cardellini On Netflix Family Drama

The actress dishes on the A-list cast and the struggles of filming in the Florida Keys.
3:11 | 04/01/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 'Bloodline' Star Linda Cardellini On Netflix Family Drama
We are joined now by Linda cardellini star of "Bloodline" on netflix and plays the youngest of four siblings on the Rayburn clan in the Florida keys whose long buried secrets come to the surface when her big brother Danny returns home. Take a look. Are you seriously trying to threaten me. No, baby, I'm not threatening you. I am not. I could threaten you. I mean I could do the big brother thing, bully around the little sister. It's never been in our relationship, I've always looked out for you. Even when we were little kids I felt sorry for you because dad hated me but at least I got attention. Ooh. I can already see the plot thickening there. And a lot of people have made favorable comparisons between "Bloodline" and "The sopranos." What do you think of that. I think that's enormously flattering and that's great. This is about a family, as well. Probably where the comparisons come and layered and explores different family dynamics. Family drama but a little bit of a psychological thriller, as well. Yeah. You play meg and she's not what she initially appears to be. No, I'm the youngest of the four siblings, only girl and considered the sunshine of the family and my father calls me out on the first episode played by Sam Sheppard and my mother played by sissy Spacek. Not to name drop a few. Yeah, such an incredible cast and anyway it's about this family and sort of nobody is what they claim or think that they are. What do you think the hook is? I mean, at what moment do you say, objection, my gosh, I now have to watch every single episode and I'll do it tonight? Well, you know, the way that these guys created the show, the creator of "Damages" which I thought they did that well that that show. At the end you had to see the next one. You shot this in the beautiful Florida keys for eight months. Eight months. I understand you had a bugged suit -- We were shooting in the everglades so the mangroves so -- Dangerous things. Yes, uncomfortable things so mosquitoes are pretty big. But so there's some -- a camera, one of the cameramen had a suit from head to toe of threat and he was the only one who survived without a bug bite so I got online that net and ordered one. It looks pretty ridiculous but it saves you. You are not scratching at the end of the night. That might be the negative part but the positive part of being in the keys you took a liking to key lime pie. Oh, yeah, well, I can't take too much of a liking in key lime pie because everybody dresses pretty casual in the keys so we have some summer clothes but you can try it everywhere. You know where you can try it, here at "Good morning America" because we brought some in on your behalf. What? We have you take this home. I personally made this. Yes, so here, this is for you. Key lime pie, enjoy it in new York City. It might not taste like the Florida keys but we'll try our best. Let me see. A taste test. Pretty delicious. That seemed very genuine. We'll take it. Linda, thank you very much for stopping by. All 13 episodes of "Bloodline" are available on netflix.

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{"duration":"3:11","description":"The actress dishes on the A-list cast and the struggles of filming in the Florida Keys.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"30044062","title":"'Bloodline' Star Linda Cardellini On Netflix Family Drama","url":"/GMA/video/bloodline-star-linda-cardellini-netflix-family-drama-30044062"}