Baby Taken From Parents for Seeking Second Opinion

Police were called when parents took their child from a hospital without a proper discharge.
2:23 | 05/01/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Baby Taken From Parents for Seeking Second Opinion
Now to a troubling custody battle out of california pitting a young couple against police and child protective services fighting for their 5-month-old son. It started with a routine visit to the hospital for their baby. He seemed to be you have suffering from the flu and abc's cecilia vega picks it up from there. Good morning, cecilia? Reporter: Robin, good morning. Boy, the allegations here are pretty incredible. Two parents say their baby was taken from them because they wanted a second medical opinion. They still don't have full custody and now they say they are planning to sue. This shocking video is hard to watch. Grab your baby and don't resist and don't fight me, okay? So move your hands. Reporter: Police enter a california home and take a baby boy right out of the arms of his mother. They leave with baby sammy and his mother says refused to say where they took him. I can't tell you right now because I'm -- you're not -- i t think you're acting, you know, rationally. Just walked out of the door. He was crying and that was the hardest moment just to leave go and let go. Reporter:5-month-old sammy was diagnosed with a heart murmur as a newborn. His parents had been taking him to a cardiologist regularly but when he was admitted to suter memorial last tuesday for flu symptoms, the nikolayevs say they did not like the hospital's care so they left admittedly walking out without a proper discharge. They told us they need to do surgery right away. We wanted to have a second opinion from a different doctor at a different hospital and took my son. Reporter: They took him to kaiser permanente anyonety where records show the baby was safe to go home with his parents. In a statement suter memorial tells abc news "our nurses and physicians are bound by duty to call authorities if they believe a pediatric patient's health is in danger." But these parents say there was no imminent danger. It's like people taking your baby away. Stealing your baby and you don't know what's going to go on. Reporter: The parties in this case say they can't comment because of privacy. Baby sammy is still in the hospital and will soon be transferred to a different one then he heads home. A judge has ruled that cps will still make home visits. Robin and george, his parents had to agree never to take him from the hospital against doctor's orders.

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{"duration":"2:23","description":"Police were called when parents took their child from a hospital without a proper discharge.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19081468","title":"Baby Taken From Parents for Seeking Second Opinion","url":"/GMA/video/california-police-baby-parents-improper-hospital-discharge-19081468"}