Celeb Photos Blast From the Past

People Magazine photoshopped celebs into pictures with their younger selves.
1:52 | 04/21/14

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Transcript for Celeb Photos Blast From the Past
You don't -- -- -- I love they photo shopped celebrities closing with their younger selves showing some of the best and worst fashions from throughout the years. People's photo artists and windy -- put together some great shots. Like a 45 year old Julia Roberts posing with her 2018 -- cup but that's Christine -- Guess when -- cal Trout the the governor DiCaprio -- we have here. -- have a agency -- that. And what is outgrow -- celebrating 25 leaders of the world's most beautiful celebrities and Andy did this because they were trying to save that he doesn't age -- -- of those two pictures of so much -- while. Yet. Applegate look at hatched -- little hair looks better obviously and it has does with how I hope she doesn't know that dressed anymore only have nothing against that I went to church and that as well let me. -- -- Yeah. We have our own little version right now check this out. Yeah. Yeah. -- home clean up with your future self. -- -- yeah. I don't think you're content you bring you aren't here -- couldn't she didn't do that that was an announcement. The more than enough that only for that but no an end especially I would not -- -- back -- that's but I think that don't involve changing styles any cleaning -- -- it isn't that your ninety. Got. Up I. I. Think that not a real peace is now on I was -- -- to -- actually the picture that I didn't land covering. But turn on the monastery a grilling which looks a lot like yeah -- yet exist. There on your way that it didn't look at -- -- -- -- -- yeah yeah yeah that I didn't feel TT and that there is encased and no GO it's -- -- you know that -- -- -- candidate.

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{"duration":"1:52","description":"People Magazine photoshopped celebs into pictures with their younger selves. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23405680","title":"Celeb Photos Blast From the Past","url":"/GMA/video/celeb-photos-blast-past-23405680"}