Chris Christie weighs in on Trump's FBI feud, SOTU address

The former New Jersey governor and new ABC News political contributor discusses the abrupt departure of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and what he'll be watching for in Trump's State of the Union address.
4:49 | 01/30/18

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Transcript for Chris Christie weighs in on Trump's FBI feud, SOTU address
We'll get analysis from our newest political contributor here at ABC, Chris Christie, joining us here on "Gma." Special report. Welcome. Happy to B here. Let's start with the state of the union. You ran against president trump in the Republican primaries but you've been his friend and adviser for a long time. What is his biggest challenge tonight? What should he do? It's to turn the page to this that the American people really care about as we heard from the opening of the show this morning, there's so many things that are going on that don't really necessarily affect the everyday lives of Americans. And I think he needs to get back to being the president who is speaking to their concerns. So the elephant in the room, the Russia investigation, don't mention it? No. I don't think there's anything he can say that makes any sense and I think if he gets in and gets down that rabbit hole he tends to get angry about it and that's not the person you want to see tonight. You probably aren't going to see that on the teleprompter. He tweeted a lot including Andrew Mccabe, we just had that story about the deputy director of the FBI. Now you've got three peopled in the justice department fired by president trump. Several others who have been pressured to leave. How do you respond to people like James Comey who says these are attacks by small people on an institution America needs. First off I don't think we should make a mistake about who is making some of these decisions. It's pretty clear that Chris WRAY has made the decision. The president was pretty publicly tweeting about him. He's been doing that for months. He was your lawyer in private practice. He was and Chris and I have known each other and I worked for him when I was in the justice department back in the bush administration so I know him very well. I think this is Chris WRAY methodically putting his team in place. Remember, whether you agree with Jim Comey or don't, Chris WRAY has the right to have his own team in place and I think the direction he thinks it needs to go in. Director WRAY will make those decisions himself. He's also weighed in on the other decision the president is facing, the house intelligence committee wants to release this classified memo targeting the FBI and WRAY made it clear he doesn't think it should happen and the rest of the justice department says it would be extremely reckless. What do you think the president should do? I don't think it matters. He's going to release it. You think it's a mistake. You've got to be careful to go down this road because once you do, you know, the worm can turn on you too and so I think this is something the president should really carefully consider. I'm sure probably has. My guess is that he's going to release it. Because that gets to his underlying premise, the entire Russia investigation shouldn't be happening in the first place, but, listen, when I was in the justice department we made these decisions in a careful way. You see the president and so many house Republicans waging a war against the FBI. This seems to be a flip of the script. It does and I also think it's a long-term problem for our party if we continue this. Not only for our party but for the country. Listen, mistakes are made at the FBI and have been made over the years and documented them over time and they need to be held to account for that. But, you know, in a way that's not so political. We need to let this new FBI director, because, let's face it, Jim Comey and I are friends, but he made some pretty big mistakes in 2016 with both parties that I think were wrong for the director to do. Let's give the new director the chano it the right way. You know president trump. You know Robert Mueller. What does the president have to fear from Robert Mueller? Robert Mueller is not someone to be trifled with and he's not someone who takes lightly the words of anybody who he's looking at and so what I've said all along is that in an investigation like this there's lots of things -- nothing you can do to make it shorter. Lots of things you can do to make it longer. Should the president sit down with him face-to-face? No. Why not? I don't think there's been any allegation, credible allegations against the president and I don't think the president should be sitting across from the special counsel. The presidency is different. I don't think they should do that and I think the administration has been cooperative in other ways and lots of people have gone to meet him. You don't think the president has questions to answer about possible obstruction of justice? No, I don't think he does but the fact is that's a high standard to meet and we've all gone through it before and I don't think we've met that standard as to president trump but we've got to continue to watch it because the one thing I can tell you for sure and what I loved about being a prosecutor only I knew what I knew. Only Bob Mueller knows what he knows and we won't know for awhile. They're throwing darts at the wall with a blindfold on. Chris Christie, thanks for joining us and you'll be joining us tonight as well and the rest of the political team for live coverage of the president's address at 9:00 eastern.

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{"duration":"4:49","description":"The former New Jersey governor and new ABC News political contributor discusses the abrupt departure of FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe and what he'll be watching for in Trump's State of the Union address.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52699926","title":"Chris Christie weighs in on Trump's FBI feud, SOTU address","url":"/GMA/video/chris-christie-weighs-trumps-fbi-feud-sotu-address-52699926"}