Chris Hemsworth on Transforming His Body for New Movie

The actor tells "GMA" how he lost 33 pounds in four weeks for his role in "In the Heart of the Sea."
4:27 | 12/07/15

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Transcript for Chris Hemsworth on Transforming His Body for New Movie
at Thor. Now, a dangerous new role for Chris helps worth. He stars in the holiday adventure, "On the high seas" battling a prevoeshs -- Ferocious. A deep see monster in the heart of the sea. Let's take a look. ? Never seen a whale do that. Take the wheel. At the other end of the line to the fore mast. As I live and breathe, he's mine. Chris is here with us. I watched this, please, Chris Hemsworth. Come on, now. He's a big deal. I was watching it last night, and I, you know, pretty familiar with the story of "Moby dick" and all that. You brought this to Ron Howard. You said this was the kind of role that you have always wanted to play. That you could be the actor you wanted to be. What did you mean? I love the script. It's the true events that inspired Herman Melville to write "Moby dick." The character is full of life and adventure. It's a drama in amongst the action sequences. What do you think the public has such a fascination with this store tryline? Why do you think that is in. It's a timeless thing. I think we love to be swept up in epic adventures. What the men endured for 90 days. The strength of the human spirit. What allows you to continue to fight, not give up. A number of theems I think is something anyone can relate to. And it's a wonderful cast that you're working with. And really, very difficult conditions. I saw that you posted this photograph of yourself. We know in Thor you had to gain 30 pounds of muscle. This one you had to lose more than 30 pounds. Look at this. In four weeks. Is it more -- I know, Angela is going, wow. That was this morning before I showered. It's amazing what a god shower will do for you. Sit tougher to lose or gain? The gaping is fine. You eat a lot and lift weights. That was underfed. It led to a pretty moody existence. We had to suffer to do justice to the story. There wasn't a lot of acting required. You had a celery stick. Yeah, like a boiled egg. A salad. Nothing much. You play all sorts of games on, if I eat this, maybe I don't eat that. The sin sanity is nuts. During the tifilming, your lovely wife was pregnant. You is three kids. You say that is your most rewarding role. It brings you right back to Earth. It's what it's all about. It's not about you anymore. ? How about the little one singing you a lulla brk Y. You spend all your time thinking you're looking after them. But, you also spend the whole day waiting for them to give you one thing. A cuddle. I was tired. Had my head on her lap. She was stoking my hair and singing to me. Ghost busters. ING up. Did you hear what Melissa Mccarthy said, how funny you are. She's saying comedy could be. It was fun. I was scared to what you can into with Melissa and Kristen and the girls from "Saturday night live." It was intense. But immediately, one of the the best experiences I have had. More outtakes and tracking up. Did you sense the looks? They said they were looking at you going, oh, my gosh. Maybe a little concerned. Not at all. Thank you, Chris. Very much. This is truly an adventure. I love a film that after I see it, I start googling to learn more about it. Very well done. "In the heart of the sea" opens up this Friday.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"The actor tells \"GMA\" how he lost 33 pounds in four weeks for his role in \"In the Heart of the Sea.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"35621592","title":"Chris Hemsworth on Transforming His Body for New Movie","url":"/GMA/video/chris-hemsworth-transforming-body-movie-35621592"}