Christian Bale Divides Critics With Moses Role

The Oscar-winning actor says his new portrayal of Moses is as "a very troubled and tumultuous man."
2:09 | 10/29/14

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Transcript for Christian Bale Divides Critics With Moses Role
Now to that biblical backlash. Actor Christian bale, playing Moses on the big screen, and under fire, calling him schizophrenic and bar baric. Mara schiavocampo has the story. Reporter: In the bible, Moses is best known for parting the red sea. There is a sea ahead and an army behind. Reporter: This morning the portrayal is dividing critics after star Christian bale's controversial comments on the old testament hero. He plays Moses in "Exodus: Gods and kings," setting off a backlash of biblical proportion this week after reportedly describing Moses as schizophrenic and barbaric. Something he spoke about. I had no idea about Moses and how complex he was. He was a troubled man. Religious heros are not perfect. Yes, they have flaws, et cetera. But when you say extreme statements about them, then you're into territory where you're undermining, subverting or insulting the heros. Reporter: Some Christian groups boycotted "Noah" over what they say was a dark depiction of the arc. A benevolent figure. Are you kidding me? He stood by and watched the entire population perish. Reporter: It earned a flood of cash, $359 million worldwide. And "Exodus" could be a bible blockbuster too. 73% would see the film if it Po Po portrays the bible. You can alienate the audience with inconsistencies. Every time there's a movie like this, sparks controversy. It sure does.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"The Oscar-winning actor says his new portrayal of Moses is as \"a very troubled and tumultuous man.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"26537663","title":"Christian Bale Divides Critics With Moses Role","url":"/GMA/video/christian-bale-divides-critics-moses-role-26537663"}