Is Cupping Therapy a Solution to Pain?

Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Jill Blakeway join "GMA" for a demonstration of the ancient healing technique adopted by several members of Team USA.
3:10 | 08/09/16

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Transcript for Is Cupping Therapy a Solution to Pain?
Back now at "Gma" with a hot health trend also happening at the olympics called cupping and swimmer Michael Phelps and gymnast Alex thnadurra and Jen Ashton and Dr. Jill Blakeway, director of the nov ochonovoa center. Ice hockey players and it speaks to the interest in complimentary and alternative medicine, K.A.M. And cupping has been reported from ancient Chinese times. Everything hold is enough again. I'll ask you, Jill, like an inverse massage. What's it doing for our muscles. It's like doing massage in reverse. It's pulling up and if you can imagine a tight, tense muscle, how good that feels when it pulls up and losens the Farber fascia and repairing tissue. It's a good thing. But couldn't you just do that with massage. To see Michael Phelps with those big circles on his shoulder and back. Why wouldn't he have his physical trainer massaging it. It's all the blood and lymph and if you can imagine taking debris away and realigning muscle fooibers it's a much deeper modality. We should be clear, though, Lara, in western medicine -- We forgot to mention there's heat involved. There's fire involved. Why is there heat involved. We use it to take the oxygen out of the cup and sucks up the air. Logan, your skin looks like a ball of your skin. How does it feel? It's great. It's super relaxing. It is? You're in the zone right now. I am. He's getting body hickeys. Not the medical term. We have to be clear. In western peer review medical literature there is scant to low date to to support whether it reports. People feel better but need to remember this has been done for thousands of years and just because we haven't studied it doesn't mean there's no validity but proceed with caution and go to a licensed they are pit, one who specializes in traditional Chinese medicine or cupping and definitely needs more study but all about the fascia and myofarbm myofascial decompression and that loosens it up. Speeds recovery and flexibility and brings more blood flow to the area. Logan seems happy and comfortable and, Jill, this is for peopleho have tight muscles. Just for athletes -- Traditionally it's been used for all sorts of things including gynecology and digestive problems but we use it a lot for tight muscles. Thanks to Jill and thank you to Dr. Jen and want to get right out to rob for a look at the

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{"id":41221156,"title":"Is Cupping Therapy a Solution to Pain?","duration":"3:10","description":"Dr. Jennifer Ashton and Jill Blakeway join \"GMA\" for a demonstration of the ancient healing technique adopted by several members of Team USA.","url":"/GMA/video/cupping-therapy-solution-pain-41221156","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}