Dave Zinczenko shares healthy and delicious breakfast recipes live on 'GMA'

The author opens up about his new book, "Zero Belly Breakfasts," and shares his avocado toast recipe.
4:23 | 05/30/17

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Transcript for Dave Zinczenko shares healthy and delicious breakfast recipes live on 'GMA'
nutrition and wellness correspondent Dave zinczenko. Congrats on a brand-new book. This one is called "Zero belly breakfasts" and has more than 100 very quick recipes to help you get energized and it says shred. I don't want you to shred pounds. Who ate breakfast this morning? Who remembered to eat breakfast? See, not a lot of people eat breakfast. Nope. That is a giant mistake, right. 20% skip it and it is the number one way to start your day slimmer, healthier and more energized. You go the that? You'll make 200 food decisions in the course of the day and if you screw up the first one it's going to mess everything else up. It really is a domino effect. Yes, but if you make the right move you are going to end up boosting your metabolism, losing the belly fat, restoring gut health. We had 700 test panelists on the zero belly plan and losing 16 pounds in 14 days. You put a lot of research into these recipes. Absolutely. They are easy and exampling right here. Just before we get started digging in to these three dishes what is the number of calories we should consume at breakfast. 16%. About 320 calories for a 2,000-calorie diet. If you go to a chain restaurant, the average is 1100 calories. Yeah, definitely. And then you'll end up getting empty calories instead of essential ones. The hash browns are a no go. Do it right many take charge. I love this. Avocado toast has become all the rage right now. Yes. You do it, take it one step further with a sunnyside up. Perfect pairing, avocado and eggs, the new peanutp butter and jelly and avocado is the best source of healthy fat and then the eggs, the yolk has so many nutrients and choline which helps to target belly fat and energize you. We add red pepper flakes. That's what I was going to ask you. There's a reason for that spice, right? It crushes cravings. And in this meal right here it's only 200 calories and you're getting a load of protein and fiber. And I just -- because I love avocados. Can we just bust the myth right now that it's bad for you in any, way, shape or form. Healthy fats can help you blast away fat. Good. Love this idea. It's in the book. In yeah, then you also -- tell me about what this is. Okay, these are your overnight oats. Oatmeal can be boring but this is one of the biggest new food tren trends, and you combine all the ingredients the night before. You are not doing any cooking and the next morning, you're waking up and you're -- you have this delicious flavorful breakfast. What we're doing is adding kick here because we're adding coffee. So you add your favorite coffee to it the night before. Like actually like the liquid coffee. Yes, into the overnight oats and let it sit and the next morning you eat it and you're coming in at under 350 calories. It is so filling and you have a ton of protein and fiber. And what did you add in your -- thank you. What did you add in yours to get not only protein but flavor because oatmeal is not the most exciting choice. There's the oatmeal. Chia seeds, cocoa powder and that's all combining with the coffee. Did you get rid of the water? Did you just use coffee to soak. Yes. Wow. That's fantastic and it's in the book. And then finally smoothies get a bad rap because everyone thinks they're so high in sugar. They can be sweet without the added sugar. I love smoothies and I have for ten years just talking about how great they are. We have zero belly smoothies and in this case you have 60-second nutrition, instant weight loss, pi pineapple. Tumeric is a spice you add, blend it. How do you keep the sugar down? It comes from the pineapple. Seven grams of sugar but all natural. None is added in any of these meals. I have to tell you it's really, really good. Seriously. Congratulations on your book. Everybody, the name of the book is "Zero belly breakfasts." It's not out until June 13th but for you, everyone is getting a copy of it. Most important meal of the day.

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{"duration":"4:23","description":"The author opens up about his new book, \"Zero Belly Breakfasts,\" and shares his avocado toast recipe. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"47714541","title":"Dave Zinczenko shares healthy and delicious breakfast recipes live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/dave-zinczenko-shares-healthy-delicious-breakfast-recipes-live-47714541"}