'Deals and Steals' to Help You Eat Healthy

"The Shift" author Tory Johnson reveals discounts on kitchen items to help you eat better.
3:11 | 09/13/13

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Transcript for 'Deals and Steals' to Help You Eat Healthy
It's opin e's been a huge week for our tory johnson. Congratulations. So excited. Tory's book, "the shift," is so fantastic. "How I finally lost the weight and discovered a happier life." It's fast on its way to becoming a best seller. And speaking of selling, it's time for "steals & deals." The "shift" edition. We're going really well. "Gma" viewers have been so kind to me. We did a fun segment. You can watch it online if you missed it. Today, we're talking about deals that really were inspired by my year-long battle to lose 72 pounds. Logon. Here we go. Ready? First up. So, I never went to the movies because movie popcorn is like a caloric disaster. I stayed away from it. This can help you make it at home. You can make ten cups in less than five minutes. Normally $145. Slashed by 73%, 43 bucks. This help you preserve your herbs. You can wash vegetables and serve it in this dish. There's an assortment of products that help you prepare food. Slashed in half. This is something every kitchen needs. You have your hand mixer. Your minichopper. This is amazing. That's a mixer. Fife minutes, you can make anything like that. Lots of recipes online. You'll find, as well. Normally $55 to $110, depending on what you choose. These are slashed by more than half. Starting at 25 bucks. And they come in an assortment of beautiful colors. And here we go. This is a scale. This is a kitchen scale. Portion control matters to you, there's preprogrammed foods in this. You can pay attention to calories, carbs, and salt. It's normally $50. Slashed in half. 25 bucks. Last but not least, are you ready? This is the big daddy. You can fry without oil. Love it. The heat circulates. And it's the hot air that cooks from the inside-out. You don't put oil in there. You can make chicken, fish, all sorts of things. Normally $166. Slashed by 61%. 65 bucks plus free shipping. All of the details. All of the crunch. You don't get the oil and the ugly calories that you have to work off later. The "shift" does work. Thank you. Thank you, companies, for providing the deals. And you can go online to the get the links of the codes. Go to goodmorningamerica.Com. Sam, it's time for weather, with a guest? At the end of "sesame street"

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{"id":20247029,"title":"'Deals and Steals' to Help You Eat Healthy","duration":"3:11","description":"\"The Shift\" author Tory Johnson reveals discounts on kitchen items to help you eat better.","url":"/GMA/video/deals-steals-gma-yahoo-promo-codes-kitchen-products-20247029","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}