New Details Emerge About Kanye West's Hospitalization

The singer is reportedly being held at an LA hospital after his personal doctor called 911 about West's alleged mental state.
2:34 | 11/23/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for New Details Emerge About Kanye West's Hospitalization
We begin with the latest on Kanye west. We're learning more about his breakdown. What was going on before he was hospitalized. West is now getting a psychiatric evaluation in los Angeles. ABC's Diane Macedo has all the new details. Good morning, Diane. Reporter: West was being treated for sleep deprivation when his doctor called 911 saying he was psychotic. Now a famous friend of Kanye's is speaking out saying he saw warning signs. This morning, new details are emerging about Kanye west's alleged mental state as he was rushed to the hospital. Heard on this fire department dispatch call obtained by TMZ? Rescue 41 psychiatric emergency laurel avenue. Reporter: The 911 call came in 1:20 P.M. After he was acted erratically. Paramedics and the fire department rushed to the Hollywood home of his personal trainer where according to TMZ officials spoke with him for 90 minutes before following protocol for a psychiatric patient restraining him and taking him to UCLA medical center. The doctor called 911 and said that Kanye was suffering a temporary psych coast cyst as a result of a lack of sleep and exhaustion. Reporter: Now fans wonder if the emergency caused his abrupt decision to cancel the remaining 21 appearances of his "Saint Pablo" tour. He arrived at his Sacramento concert over an hour late and sang only two songs about of this happened. Stop, stop, stop. Reporter: Ranting for over 15 minutes on everything from the election to even Beyonce and Jay Z. Jay Z, call me. You still ain't call me. That was uncharacteristic of him. That aside to cancel a month and a half's worth of tours when a lot of money is on the line. Something is pretty wrong here. Reporter: Long time friend John legend saw the warning signs. We were with Kim and I was concerned by what I saw so hopefully he's getting some rest and some time to figure things out. Reporter: In his last interview before being hospitalized west tells "Surface" magazine he's uncompromising. I refuse to negotiate. I can collaborate but as soon as you negotiate you're being compromised. Kim Kardashian is said to be by her husband's side. No comment from either of their camps. The E! Network which airs her show confirms they did not film the 911 call and are not filming at the hospital so sounds like they're going through this in relative privacy at least for them. Of great concern. Thank you. Now to that football star's

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{"duration":"2:34","description":"The singer is reportedly being held at an LA hospital after his personal doctor called 911 about West's alleged mental state. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"43736302","title":"New Details Emerge About Kanye West's Hospitalization","url":"/GMA/video/details-emerge-kanye-wests-hospitalization-43736302"}