How to Dine Out at Restaurants Without Blowing Your Diet

"Eat It to Beat It!" author Dave Zinczenko shares three smart restaurant swaps to avoid gaining weight.
4:23 | 05/27/14

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Transcript for How to Dine Out at Restaurants Without Blowing Your Diet
Test Text1 plain Did you know that the average chain sitdown restaurant meal contained more than half of the calories you should be con T consuming in an entire day. Dave zinczenko is here to cut down those calories. Got to do it. That statistic. That number is petrifying. It's petrifying because we're talking about restaurant chains. 1,100 calories in a typical meal. And over time, according to the U.S. Government, we are eating 65,000 additional calories. That's the equivalent of 413 bag of potato chips. That's 19 pounds. You know what's 19 pounds? A Goodyear tire. We're going to start to lose weight for summer. That's a lot. We're talking about 56% of what you should be eating each day. Our first example is olive Garden and the lasagna fritatta. This is over 1,000 calories and it's an appetizer. This is 22 chicken nuggets. What you want to do when you're at Olive Garden. Get the meatballs. What you're saving right here, this is 260 calories. Is that going to fill you up? That's a substantial advertisers. All of that sauce, I'm going to go for the bread basket. You're going to save 770 calories, going from breaded cheese to this. The meatballs. It's worth it. This is a classic. Cheesecake factory's chicken and biscuits. There's so much oil, that you are getting nearly 2,300 calories. This is an entire meal right here. And Amy's got a great example. If you can't relate to that. 64 chocolate glazed doughnut holes. When you're at cheesecake factory, this is what you want to do. You want to go with the tuscan chicken. It's on the skinnylicious menu. And you are saving 1,675 calories. This is a good deal. You're not guy getting. You're just losing weight. Desserts are tricky. Uno pizzeria. This is a deep dish sundae. This is more like Monday through Friday. This is 2,700 calories. Which is the equivalent of -- Amy? It's a dozen strawberry short cake bars. Don't you want a little of it? This right here. The minichocolate brownie Sunday. 320 calories. And over the course of one day, three feels, you're caving ht4,380 calories. And a lot of this is portion size. It's about what you're eating, not how much you're eating. You want to get the nutrition. It's plenty of food here. You did it. You put the calories down to size. We reached out to the restaurants. They offer a variety of operations. You can ask Dave your questions, request the #socialsquare. Coming up -- elle fanning, the rising star of

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{"id":23880455,"title":"How to Dine Out at Restaurants Without Blowing Your Diet","duration":"4:23","description":"\"Eat It to Beat It!\" author Dave Zinczenko shares three smart restaurant swaps to avoid gaining weight.","url":"/GMA/video/dine-restaurants-blowing-diet-23880455","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}