Jim Harbaugh's Wife Warns About 'Dad Pants'

The hilarious ad from Dockers features the 49ers coach and his family.
1:51 | 06/12/14

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Transcript for Jim Harbaugh's Wife Warns About 'Dad Pants'
A life of one famous dad is speaking out about a sensitive issue for families all over the country so take a look at this. I'm Sarah -- about my professional football coach and former star quarterback Jim Harbaugh. I'd like to talk to about a serious condition affecting countless men in our country. I'm talking of course. About -- pants. -- shapeless pleaded tragedy that too many men find themselves in every -- who. I was there. My hands and -- a -- successful football coach -- -- husband. Suddenly look like -- -- -- curtains from his mouth since Jan started wearing dockers he's a whole new man. -- -- -- -- That's your dad. Oh -- what we have a model yeah. Yeah. That pants the exhibit and he hands me -- the end of our model but you know. -- can't. Half of -- Yeah I love how clueless and wrangling and you come out here -- -- He walked out eagerly thinking he's gonna get food and he's just some model and a dedicated a segment what he grabs the Mike and that he's watching the commercial -- -- -- his -- -- ago. The that government I don't Anderson and we can bring this guy over here is he has us he's right kind of -- essence we can't back there in the great. Those that being the candidate then he -- Yeah and Angela Wright thing Aaron that's how they -- -- -- Literally comes here on the -- Philly cannot not outlined. You know this is trending on Twitter that has -- stop -- -- and you can you can vote on Animal Planet -- --

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{"id":24108405,"title":"Jim Harbaugh's Wife Warns About 'Dad Pants'","duration":"1:51","description":"The hilarious ad from Dockers features the 49ers coach and his family.","url":"/GMA/video/dockers-dad-pants-commercial-features-jim-harbaugh-wife-24108405","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}