Dodgers, Astros head to Game 7 of World Series

The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Houston Astros 3-1, leading to a must-win Game 7 for both teams.
3:40 | 11/01/17

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Transcript for Dodgers, Astros head to Game 7 of World Series
??? I don't know if we were ready for this world series. It has been fantastic. One of the most exciting world series ever, the Los Angeles dodgers beating the Houston Astros last night, uh-huh. Forcing the game seven. And the final showdown is later tonight. T.J. Holmes, oh, yeah, he got the ticket. He's right there inside. He didn't want to wait till tonight. He got there early or he stayed there last night. Either way, T.J. Reporter: Yeah, you know me, robin. Which one do you think it is? Well, let me tell you this, I did not think that people could hold their breath this long, because I sat in this stadium full of 54,000 people, many of them waiting to exhale for a long time because for a long time it looked like the L.A. Dodgers might be done. But, hey, robin, this is L.A. So, of course, we're about to get our Hollywood ending. A game seven tonight. Series too good to end in six. Reporter: The L.A. Dodgers hang on at home defeating the Houston Astros in a world series nail-biter. Before the players took the field a moment of silence for the lives lost in New York. We send our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families. 1-2. Reporter: Game six was a battle from the mound. With all eyes focused on Houston's starting pitcher Verlander Ver. The Astros' ace did his job striking out nine batters. Got him looking. Reporter: But starting in the sixth inning the dodgers' bats came alive. He'll score. Reporter: Doing just enough to force a game seven tonight in Los Angeles. Game seven will be a heavyweight fight between the two best teams in baseball, period. Reporter: The hometown team has never played a game seven here at dodger stadium. Tonight could be the night they win it all or will the Astros bring home their first ever title? Houston Astros have not won in 55 years and the dodgers, the last championship, 1988. You have two very hungry, starved franchises for a world championship. Reporter: You remember last year, robin, I covered the world series game six and seven. It was Cleveland, of course, taking on Chicago. Two teams that had long droughts as well. Cleveland, 60 plusears hadn't won a world series and, of course, the cubs 108-year drought and now to see these two franchise, Houston never one and L.A. Hasn't won one since '88, good to see some of these cities get their shot now. Could not agree more. There is a moment in particular from last night's game you want to talk about. Reporter: Yeah, you remember, everybody remembers that moment from the Astros players, yuli gurriel made a racist geez Tur that got him suspended earlier in the world series, suspension won't be until starting until next season. This was the first time he played in dodger stadium since that happened. The crowd booed him like crazy but the pitcher, rich hill for L.A. Stepped off the mound for a few moments to let the crowd have their moment and continue to boo him. He said I could have thrown a baseball at him and beaned him but that was my may of waking a silent gesture and letting the crowd speak to that moment. It was a really powerful moment here last night, just a small thing he did that was so powerful. What do you think tonight? Who do you have? Reporter: You know what, let's go to nine games. This thing has been so good I wish they'd stretch it out but it's up in the air. It's up in the air. I agree with T.J. It's been so good. You don't want it to end. Pretty elegant dodge. That's our T.J. Have fun tonight, T.J. Have a good time. Thank you.

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{"id":50855897,"title":"Dodgers, Astros head to Game 7 of World Series","duration":"3:40","description":"The Los Angeles Dodgers defeated the Houston Astros 3-1, leading to a must-win Game 7 for both teams.","url":"/GMA/video/dodgers-astros-head-game-world-series-50855897","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}