Eugene Levy and Dan Levy dish on 'Sc**tt's Creek' live on 'GMA'

The father-son team open up about the new season.
4:51 | 01/24/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Eugene Levy and Dan Levy dish on 'Sc**tt's Creek' live on 'GMA'
I'm here with two guys who make everyone else happy as Minnie does, hilarious duo, Eugene levy and Dan who play father and son in a show. We can't say the name of the show on TV so we'll call it bleep creek. You get the idea about a wealthy family who loses everything and forced to move to a town they bought as a joke. Thanks for being here. Thanks for having us. You guys not only star in this but co-write, do all this stuff. Did you always think about working together? No, no. No, it never occurred to me because right -- all through his life, he did everything on his own. He never really came to me for everything, for any advice or any help. He wanted to -- A parent in the entertainment industry you have to sort of carve your own path because I feel there's such an impulse for people to like say that you got the job because of who your parents were so I really needed to fight to make it on my own and then when I fell like, you know, I had my footing then I came to my dad and thought, you know, let's try this. And that was a moment. That was a moment. What was it like for you. It was incredible as a father when Dan came up and said I got an idea for a show, do you want to work on it with me, I almost collapsed. Because I never thought it would happen, you know. And I said, you know, sure, sure. Yeah, let's do it. And then my big nightmare was, we start the project and, gee, what if he doesn't have it? Oh. We're still questioning that. What if he doesn't have it but right out of the gate he had it. He did. What is it like for you to go to work every day with your dad? Does he ever have a dad moment where he's like, Dan, you know -- He like well -- he's very enthusiastic and is a cheerleader for all of us ultimately but there are scene, a kissing scene where my dad would like to -- he'll be at the monitors watching it happening and you're thinking, can someone just please ask him to step away from the monitor while I'm kissing someone -- it's just a strange dynamic. It wasn't that easy for me either. But this show is truly a family affair. Your daughter Sarah plays on the show as well. Sarah plays Twila. Does a great job. Twila is like the little heartbeat on the show. A ray of sunshine on the show and the weird thing for me as a dad is I'm actually working with my son on the show playing my son and I'm working with Annie Murphy, lovely actress playing my daughter on the show and I feel like I'm working with my daughter when I work with Annie but then I work with my own daughter Sarah on the show who plays Twila, the waitress and I still feel like I'm working with my daughter on the show so it gets -- Confusing. It's a little muddy for me. I do love the premise of it and last season where it stopped off you guys were running this hotel/motel then this year, you kick it off in the season premiere where you have like an -- a gift that wasn't so good for you that was left over in one of the rooms. If you call a dead body showing up in one of the rooms a gift, then, yeah, sure. Yeah, the season kicks off with a dead body, someone passed away in one of the rooms and Johnny and Stevie who works at the motel with him have to figure out what to do with this dead body so as to not scare the other -- Say no more. We got a clip. Here we go. Bleep creek. Stevie, do we know how this man expired? Do I look like a coroner? I don't think you want people answering that question. It feels like every time the motel sells out someone dies. We've only sold out one night. Exactly. But, Dan, your inspiration came from a very unlikely source. At the time I was watching some reality television and I think you're looking at a housewife and a Kardashian and thinking there's so much money all around them, what would happen if the money went away. What would the families look like and that was really the foundation of what this show became which is a wealthy, wealthy family loses it all and what does family mean when money is not around? That's all you got at the end of the day. I'm glad you two are working together. I love watching this father/son duo because I could not do this with my father. We would kill each other. Great to see you working together. I'm glad we could make it work. It is funny. Check it out, season four of bleep creek premieres tonight on pop TV. Make sure you check out Dan.

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{"duration":"4:51","description":"The father-son team open up about the new season. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52568388","title":"Eugene Levy and Dan Levy dish on 'Sc**tt's Creek' live on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/eugene-levy-dan-levy-dish-sctts-creek-live-52568388"}