Pet Owners Fall Head-Over-Heels for Fainting Goats

One California ranch is selling its unique baby goats as pets for $275 each.
0:42 | 08/12/15

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Transcript for Pet Owners Fall Head-Over-Heels for Fainting Goats
Everyone wants attention from the goats to the Guinea fowl to the llamas. But everyone also knows that thinking goats are the scars of Aspen acres in Sanger. This is a place where mealtime often becomes a nap time. It the bearded Weizman don't think it's funny ways and means thinks it's kind of dragged they have to live this way but visitors can't stop laughing. I feel bad yeah. I door boy doing it. But it's in their nature they that candidate happens and so Susan. Got another one sustained. Momentarily groggy but otherwise okay. Lillian poles Czechs on her animals every day she says it's the natural behavior of minor tonic goat. It's I don't like to see him saint. That it doesn't hurt them at all and their eyes stay open the whole time that there they are out. They just kind of lay there and wonder what happened the format twenty fainting goat babies this year people love to find them as pets. Didn't come very popular they like here. Most of the new dog or so they compete for terrorists these over excited goes off and faint when it's time to get fan. Usually it's when they're trying to jump up on to some. Little table or something and they don't make it all the way and they'll fall over backwards and faint. Eventually they learned to stiffen their legs to link don't tumble over admitted that's funny stuff. PS you can put. And it's a Larry it. Susan says she never catches these goats sleeping maybe because they're always fainting during the day. In Fresno county DOE wrong ABC 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"0:42","description":"One California ranch is selling its unique baby goats as pets for $275 each.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33038203","title":"Pet Owners Fall Head-Over-Heels for Fainting Goats","url":"/GMA/video/fainting-goats-sold-as-pets-at-california-ranch-33038203"}