Fast Fashion Fixes: 5 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress

Style expert Lori Bergamotto shows you easy ways to take the wardrobe staple from daytime to a night out.
4:48 | 03/18/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fast Fashion Fixes: 5 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress
Let's now get some fast fashion fixes, so many women have a favorite little black dress in their closet. We're show you how to reinvent that wardrobe staple. Lori bergamotto from "Good housekeeping" took us through a day in the life of the little black dress. Take a look. It's the tried and true fashion staple women count on, the little black dress. It really does look good on every body type and can appeal to all different kinds of budgets. How can you live your day top to bottom in the per elect lbd? We love this black dress from the gap. Under $70 you maximize the wearability. For look one Lori went with a professional and polished look by pairing a polka dot blouse with a colorful blazer. Anywhere you want to be more sophisticated. Look two, cutting edge casual. By pairing a black and white turtleneck with black skinny jeans and black stacked heels if a leather jacket over my shoulders and we're done. For look three, Lori went for a Parisian pretty vibe adding teeks Tur to the look, a lace blouse with bell sleeves. Wanted it to be really soft, pretty, feminine, really channeling that romantic vibe. And look four, the after-work edgy look, take a vintage t-shirt and add to that a denim jacket. I found a vintage t-shirt, xanadu using the dress more than a skirt than anything else. The final look idea for an elegant evening out. Pair a black colored mid-leapt tutu skirt over the bottom of the dress. We wanted something that upped the elegance factor. A day in the life of a little black dress. And Lori bergamotto joins us now. We all know the little black dress is a staple. Is there another must have this spring? So, according to polyvoir all about a short strapless neoprene little black dress, the most searched right now. That is cute and flirty. It is but I don't know. Amy, we may give it a run for its money with our black dress. We have five different looks, models sporting each of these looks and the first one and this is all the same black dress. Yee. Just like we saw in the piece. This is, of course, the polished and professional. Indeed it is. The key to wear a tailored blouse underneath the shirt and a bright colored blazer so we picked green. You could do powder blue or a jewel tone. But the idea here is buttoning the collar up to the top adding a little flash with a cuff and a belt so you have that metallic feel to it. Just elevates the look. I love it. And layering always makes you look like you know what you're doing. Cutting edge casual. This was a big hit in the "Good housekeeping" offices. Sort of european inspired and put a black and white turtleneck. If you want to grab the back of that leather jack and threw it over the shoulders like the cool girls are doing and gave her a cropped skinny Jean which not a lot of people would think to do under a black dress. I wouldn't have. And funky boots. You have to own this look. It's more fashion forward but I think it works on her. She looks cool, basically, yeah. Looks great. All right, this is Parisian pretty. We love this one. On Selena so what we did is added a textured blouse underneath the dress, that big perfectly done bow and then a little pointy toe granny booty. Granny booty. Because it's laced up. Exactly. Look at you. Just trying to guess. Got it right. Thank goodness. So the dress itself which is under 70 bucks is a cotton linen blend so you don't really want to wear anything that's too similar fabricwise if you are going to try to pull it off but add texture and depth, lace, satin, silk, anything that adds that contrast of fabric. Beautiful. After work edgy we have here. Love this in my xanadu t-shirt. A vintage tee and denim jacket with bold accessories. The pop of pink, very hip. I told you, this reminds me of Sarah Jessica parker. Yes, we love this one too and a lot of people are like, you're hiding a black dress, we're not but put the mesh overlay tutu. Where do you find one. That's from Kohl's so very affordable. This will be a very big trend is the adult tutu. I've never gone tutu shopping? It looks great on a little black dress and reinvented it. Beautiful, ladies. Lori bergamotto, thank you so much. And the latest issue of "Good housekeeping" on newsstands now.

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{"duration":"4:48","description":"Style expert Lori Bergamotto shows you easy ways to take the wardrobe staple from daytime to a night out.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"37732757","title":"Fast Fashion Fixes: 5 Ways to Wear the Little Black Dress","url":"/GMA/video/fast-fashion-fixes-ways-wear-black-dress-37732757"}