Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' Suspension

The New England Patriots quarterback is now clear to play, just in time for his home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers.
2:20 | 09/04/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' Suspension
So heartbreaking. Good morning. Hundreds of middle eastern refugees seeing a better life in Europe demanding to board trains for Germany but they're being stopped and forced into camp. Some including women and order: Good morning to you, Amy. After eight months of deflategate controversy, it's over for now. Overnight the NFL appealing a federal judge's decision for Brady. That decision focusing on the way the NFL handled Brady's case, not ruling on whether Brady was involved in an alleged scheme to deflate footballs. Good to see you. Reporter: The star quarterback walking the halls of Gillette stadium Thursday night not addressing the media but this morning he's back on the field for the patriots regular season. His four-game suspension for his alleged role in deflategate flown out by a federal judge Thursday. As a sigh of relief heard all over new England. Thank god it's over. I hope. I hope. Reporter: Saying commissioner roger Goodell's upholding of Brady's suspension was based on several significant legal deficiencies like not properly warning Brady of potential discipline for his alleged role or giving Brady requested access to key files and witnesses in his NFL appeal hearing. But the judge not ruling on a key aspect of the scandal whether Brady knew about or encouraged deflating footballs. The judge made it crystal clear it was the process that concerned him and that's why he ruled in favor of Tom Brady. He was not saying that Tom Brady was innocent. Reporter: This couple outside Gillette stadium divided over this. Like much of the country. The truth was told. I think they cheated. Protect the ball there. Reporter: So Tom Brady is now clear to play when the patriots celebrate their super bowl win and start their title defense against the Pittsburgh steelers right here next week but roger Goodell won't be there. Sources tell us he believes the focus should be on the dame and festivities but will be watching on TV. They're appealing this, correct? That's correct. This was a surprise decision for many, many thinking the arbitrator is given due deference but the NFL saying they want to protect the integrity of the game so they are going to continue the fight in deflategate. All right, not over yet, Ryan smith, thanks so much.

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{"duration":"2:20","description":"The New England Patriots quarterback is now clear to play, just in time for his home opener against the Pittsburgh Steelers. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33532634","title":"Federal Judge Overturns Tom Brady's 'Deflategate' Suspension ","url":"/GMA/video/federal-judge-overturns-tom-bradys-deflategate-suspension-33532634"}