Felicity Huffman Admits That She 'Hated Being a Mother' at Times

'Desperate Housewives' actress launched What The Flicka as virtual kitchen counter
6:39 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for Felicity Huffman Admits That She 'Hated Being a Mother' at Times
Hello I'm -- Cutler and this is -- makers for ABC news and Yahoo! News she is the reversal actress of -- stage and screen. She -- -- and -- a Golden Globe and was nominated for an Oscar you know her best as Lynette from ABC's long running Romany. Desperate Housewives well now you can add blogger. To Felicity Huffman -- -- What the flick dot com yeah. Where the name come from. OK so what -- -- -- dot com started two years ago and thick as my nickname. And I'm the last debate children in the seventh girl okay which ties into a lot with my website actually. And by the time it came along all the family names have been used up in the -- three Jesse's in two -- -- in many graces and so my mom name me -- And then. I think the priest the local priest traveled Overland perhaps not quite a Christian. At the portrait so that she did for -- proper names -- I've always been called by my friends and family. What like so I did but the -- because to me. Parenting is a little bit. A trip that hypocrites I felt like the -- what the other afford it I love it. A lot of blogs out there talk about parent -- relationships. -- it's -- apart. When my children were born I found other mothering. Bewildering. -- Impossible. And infuriating and depressing and I felt there was no conversation. For my experience out there. I would talk to new mothers like myself and others with teenagers even women in their sixties and seventies -- up. Just make -- parenting grief. And not that that was untrue without him it's just -- -- where. It is my conversation I felt like there was such a thin band of acceptable behavior in terms of what you experiences motherhood. And it made me feel. Like a monster. So I thought well. You know whenever I feel ashamed or embarrassed or like I have to hide something I have to make sure I don't hide it. You have to make sure ago hey this is going on with me this is my experience. So I wanted to start a web site. Where any kind of experience. Was okay that it was a totally safe place. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- and I. I hated it I just -- -- say I needed and I'm gonna say that really strong you hate you hated parent. I I hated there were times when I hated being a mother and there were times I hated my children. And even saying that I want -- followed up with going but of course I let my children you know right so it's okay to hate. Your job -- Decatur sometimes hate your spouse it's OK all that stuff. When -- -- has made my children and -- And I wanted it to be okay. There have been times when I've written something that my friends have gone and bill in particular my husband has -- Perhaps that's pretty honest and I said yeah that's violent crime to be and I want it to be vulnerable. Don't let it be funny -- what is -- -- working with your husband. You just take perhaps husband wife this is now colleagues. Fool you know we've worked together our entire lives we started the theater here in New York. -- members of the Atlantic theater company. He's directed me -- onstage. And working with him is a -- and he's a wonderful. Wonderful director he's fantastic. You know when you. You play tennis with someone and they -- good -- raises the level of your game. That's what it's like acting recently only -- When you do -- have problems and it is it is it stay on set and everything if they were to settle it you know it doesn't it carried over. We didn't make a rule when we were doing a play Lincoln Center. Right around there. We didn't make release that you know what I think we better not talk about this actually in bed I said okay so what an end up happening to get as we. -- and OI and I get so we have to jump out of bed about. -- -- -- I think that was an old girl that we talk about it all the time we -- talking shop I love -- -- -- talking acting storytelling. Did you think that it may be like. Are sort of our pop culture entertainment. Has created society's view of what that perfect mother -- and you think you're fighting almost against. What you're part. Yes I think it's fed by the media I think. I think the you know I'm gonna say get kind of the good mother. And I translate that to be the icon of the perfect -- because the good mother it's pretty darn perfect and if you're not a good mother. And good enough rather it's kind of -- bad -- -- you have the two. So yes I think the media -- that I think we feed it. I think we -- up by. Criticizing each other. I think -- -- -- by comparisons. -- is so much harder than this. And I think the media picks up on that. -- -- I ask you about I don't know if you read granite counters comments about parenting and she had been criticized for that same it should opposite. Being an actress that there were more pressures put on her four. -- for juggling the -- between being a mother and performing her job -- of being an actress and she got criticized that saying essentially that there was a difference between what her job was and what. Other women might be doing. Being a mom. Is so. Difficult. And it is so right for. Criticism. And ideology. And pressures. And it is because. -- are responsible for this this person you know how you handle this meltdown. -- -- to restrain -- going to Harvard or in a climbing a tower with a shotgun. So no pressure. That I would I will never criticize. Any mother. What she says I just won't because to me. They're all heroes so what -- -- experiences it's her experience and she's allowed to have it she's allowed to say what it's like.

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{"id":23955363,"title":"Felicity Huffman Admits That She 'Hated Being a Mother' at Times","duration":"6:39","description":"'Desperate Housewives' actress launched What The Flicka as virtual kitchen counter","url":"/GMA/video/felicity-huffman-admits-hated-mother-times-23955363","section":"GMA","mediaType":"yahoo only"}