Officials Urge Everybody Get Flu Vaccine

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the upcoming flu season and how to best prepare.
1:31 | 09/27/13

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Transcript for Officials Urge Everybody Get Flu Vaccine
medical news. A call to action, really. Health officials sounding the alarm, urging everyone to get vaccinated against the flu and do it right now. Abc's chief health and medical editor, dr. Richard besser, here with much more. Rich, again, they are really getting out in front of it this year. They are. Each -- the thing to know every year about the flu is, we cannot predict when it's going to start or how severe it's going to be. A lot of people say, if it's a severe year, I'm going to get a shot. It takes two weeks to get the vaccine working. Best to get the vaccine as early as it is available. And we hear some years the vaccine is running low. There's more than 70 million doses out there. Twice that number will be coming. And you have choices. You have the standard flu vaccine, with a needle. And a nasal vaccine, that's a spray. A high dose for the elderly. A shot for people allergic to eggs. A tiny needle for people afraid of needles. There's no reason not to get a flu shot. Put me down for the microneedle. More children than ever before, 57%, vaccinated. But this needs to start with the very young. Everyone over 6 months is recommended to get a flu shot. You get vaccinated to protect yourself. Also, people that can't protect themselves. Last year, a big vaccine campaign to protect robin, everyone around here. That's another reason to vaccinate. I got mine at a pharmacy last year. That easy to get them this year? Pharmacies have them. I appreciated everyone doing that last year.

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{"id":20393852,"title":"Officials Urge Everybody Get Flu Vaccine","duration":"1:31","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses the upcoming flu season and how to best prepare.","url":"/GMA/video/flu-season-approaching-officials-urge-flu-vaccine-20393852","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}