Give America Your Best 'Roar': Ultimate Katy Perry Contest

Film your own 'Roar' video for a chance to have Katy Perry perform live at your school.
5:15 | 09/06/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Give America Your Best 'Roar': Ultimate Katy Perry Contest
it's so fantastic. We got to give you guys a first peek at it. It's the world tv premiere, moments ago. We were the exclusive premiere the cover of her brand-new album, "prism," which is coming out just before your BIRTHDAY, ON OCTOBER 22nd. We haven't gotten to the big announcement. We'll let you do the honors, katy. Thank you. Okay. I'm very excited. Well, should I explain it now? Push the button. Oh, this button. I'll push this. Ready? Go. When you have the number one song all across the world, what do you do to say thank you to your fans? Well, america, get ready to roar. Because katy perry is putting out a call to high schools across america. Katy perry. And katy wants to see your school's best roar. Show her what your school's got. Put together your school's best radio video. And send it to us to goodmorningamerica.Com. If your video is the best of the best, you'll never believe what happens next. Go on, katy. Tell them. all across the country. Any school in the country. Starting now. It doesn't matter who you are, what school you go to. Any school can participate. But wait, there's more. What happens next. Oh, yeah. If you make a great video, I'm going to show up at your school, on the day of my birthday. And a performance? The best video wins. I'm coming to yo football field or your classroom, whatever you have. I'm coming there. Best video wins a big performance by me, the week of my release, on my birthday morning, for you guys. You send us the video on her BIRTHDAY, OCTOBER 25th, SHE WILL Come to your high school. And it was three years ago today, you want back to your high school in santa barbara. It's very exciting to go back to high school or school. When I get up this early in the morning, it makes me relive that feeling for school, like crusty eyes and tired. You know, what I used to do? My mom would wake me up from school, I would put the comforter underneath my door. I'm getting up. If you send in a video and if you are picked, we will come there october 25th and perform live for you guys. And you guys are going to come there, too. That would be great. We will be there. "Prism" is coming out. Tell us about the concept of the whole album. Well, there's a lot of anthems. I don't mind doing that. But basically, last record was very systematic. And the theme for this record is just me. It's kind of like stripped down, more raw, more essential oils of who I am. And there's a lot of light and hope and love and story telling. And I'm very proud of it. I put my stamp on it. I know. When you were on "gma," I think in july, you were talking about it. And you said that you -- you're growing up. You want your music to. But you keep the essence of who you are. I have to keep the essence. Like I said, you know, the teenage dream thing was fun. But it's time to have the next evolution. And the next era is going to be really exciting. Just as big. Just as colorful because it is "prism." And it is me. You know. Come on. I just did like a queen of the jungle music video. What else do you want? YOU ROOKED IT AT THE VMAs? Can we give you some respect? I thought that my performance was the most scandalous because I kept my clothes on. Hey. One of these days I'll push the limits. You are so refreshing. Just like josh said earlier, they have a lot of little girls. Your girls wanted to come out here. But they're in school. And you give us something really positive to look forward to. I appreciate it. I want to be liked. Yeah. That, you are. She'll be coming to your school. We'll be going there, too, to broadcast her concert live and to find out how to enter, go to goodmorningamerica.Com on yahoo! And it is a fantastic to have

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{"duration":"5:15","description":"Film your own 'Roar' video for a chance to have Katy Perry perform live at your school.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20176350","title":"Give America Your Best 'Roar': Ultimate Katy Perry Contest","url":"/GMA/video/give-america-best-roar-ultimate-katy-perry-contest-20176350"}