GMA LIVE! (05.24.13)

Revisit the best moments from a jam-packed week of news on "GMA Live!"
4:37 | 05/24/13

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (05.24.13)
Yeah. And happy Friday to all of you we welcome you to a very special edition of GM a lot -- we hope you enjoyed. Mariah Carey we are calling it -- GMA lives. L oh fell Friday because we're gonna look back actually some of the best -- really funniest moment for the past week you can enjoy them again as you head into a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. Have a great holiday weekend we'll see right here 9 AM eastern daylight for more. GMA live month. But the weather around the nation is what. -- and we find out if we don't doubt he has with his or you can expect this morning -- you're going up but -- don't without. No let me go look. Love match before it was even imagine you -- an axis of this thing you think you were brother and sister and another life. On my whole life -- that doesn't mean you know all things could happen. This -- and it couldn't and that I've always wanted to work with him on -- -- feel so very much and and tried to talk with parties and could mean we've often. -- This is up. What makes this I'd rather read Bob yeah. Despite everyone involved and it. -- -- -- London. This was. The scene here shells and one of the great team British football. -- retiring -- was giving a speech from the two year old son of the goalkeeper decided. You'll notice the on the bottom little more looking forestry. Off. He goes -- out of -- at this point the entire stadium. Is watching the only one thing. -- -- -- Okay. Thing with the stars. Is under way. All night there's no -- in how. -- says mama and mama what would you like for your birthday. She says if I could have anything I wanna dance with there. -- -- -- Yeah. -- again then that the plan. President. Look ready Cadillac everybody and even science but that's. Who can now hand -- benefited enough already by managing even now -- a movie star. Hi how are you I'm -- -- -- yeah I'm good a good experience playing the -- It it was really -- normally act play human beings Indian and good night to stretch out of the business love -- and you find here in years. Motivation. To to be love this love. You know. One -- building the picture I did gain some -- To get their right mind says yeah militant animated film uncommitted Democrats -- -- and yeah I was not. That's helping me out front and up today with the play of the day catch them to -- I'm struck. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Okay today plan and they -- the video that doesn't really need as much -- the -- that -- an -- that sounds like Kelly Campbell I don't let. I'm sure the. That fishy I I I feel I speak and I couldn't have done but that's nothing my. In these things -- we. Throwing everything about a year.

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{"id":19248971,"title":"GMA LIVE! (05.24.13)","duration":"4:37","description":"Revisit the best moments from a jam-packed week of news on \"GMA Live!\"","url":"/GMA/video/gma-live-052413-19248971","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}