GMA LIVE! (06.02.14)

Ginger Zee sits down with U.S. soccer pro Brandi Chastain.
20:47 | 06/02/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (06.02.14)
Ready for some GMA live. It all starts now live backstage at GNA. We're just adding don't -- descent who would love it so many other kids who has -- how much it we have. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's. -- -- yeah yeah yeah. -- -- -- but just in case you hadn't and nine you're watching us online in the the stars of mistresses surrounding me Hinton. And -- -- and Alyssa responded quickly saying. While few ladies look. -- -- -- -- This Saturday I have attendants and 500 stock outlets Indian elections is very -- have -- to have fun here so we're just talking have a little seen my share dancing robot an elegant and pretend that I got at this morning but it and in. It was on this morning already well. The let me Haiti here more -- yeah. It could be olive oil -- could he think he and we'll just leave that that everybody else did and give me a -- I don't know. -- I wasn't there at that -- amazing intellect. And it's really. -- you guys have been so good about anti taking over the Twitter account Jim good time doing that this morning yeah it's fun yeah -- we have some questions though because you can't -- a lot of things. -- -- -- Let's check out what really -- and figuratively when he. Letters have on -- small allotments for its. -- is an advocate. I think she thought I don't understand is that might come exploiting the hundreds and everybody everybody could be twins it. But yeah -- I don't know. Tens of putting her within weeks we want anything yeah it -- -- it is yet we didn't I don't I don't know. They didn't want America yeah. -- to be proud of and -- yeah. India and that's all that's all you look in what's the story with you can't happen because that -- -- They and that -- well every single. He gives me. That she is blind saying all we keep up their -- -- she's not to mind then and I say it can't happen. She says can't have and that it. I can't think that yeah. Because you can literally answer anything you've been -- -- -- well I did okay. Google+ yeah. And it ain't so little. Not whether any questions that stumped you. Can't have -- It sounded as if the program and -- now. You LA and I answered every single one yet -- didn't see any -- do you find what else time. And -- Twitter feed and its name and didn't find any that you just saying I'm not just -- -- -- not answering that you're always Santa. You know accidents particularly rude and I had Sydney Wellington gob bless him. And justice and then what comes. Offer the prayer but it is done and is I have -- This this army of the of wonderful support him and they know that when I say be well in god bless -- -- -- just. Some very appreciative hurt for that kind of support but let you know that menu button because -- -- -- avenue where there's a new. You -- -- yes you don't have to block people do you think then you can you can you do we haven't hurt like. -- Yeah -- yeah. I am getting married this weekend. They -- do you have any advice -- And let's do from your -- -- -- from you. That. -- -- -- characters for somebody getting married we'll look like yeah. You don't do it now that the Donald but had no way to make sure that he doesn't die each. I -- Doesn't say that if he -- make sure he's really did -- and -- McCain -- his body there. Do you -- the -- daddy -- I don't cheat with anyone from work. -- -- -- Don't hot air but and a track that's like -- -- Saying yeah I really did not look. McCormack is probably a dozen -- LaGuardia. Unbelievable -- -- home I'm like I'm going shopping at. Can't wait a minute did you know we really take ourselves very Syria -- dizzy and a little out of a job. But it's itself it's ridiculous that disease is growing and -- -- I didn't get married because you know John gets crazy. Yeah and it. -- mom and I guess and you can see you can feel he's just and it's -- -- -- crazy group and you just talked about an outside the giggling while your comments -- I don't think I have wrinkles from -- moment aguila didn't act like that are asked -- ended there was. It's like stop laughing I felt pretty good. Really get a lot I think -- it -- selling -- at night they all. Every how -- work doesn't know you are behind yeah lets the camera and again -- -- crew has. Entirely government calling her admiration when we all went on millionaires get an update oh god please. So do you think you're ready quite nice. Yeah. Already -- on -- of -- will be a -- he. That's your guy again getting really enjoy is and -- It's this idea while I -- -- her the winner right hand and get -- and utility god is over we didn't know about it. Yeah your right and I awards yeah I'm not pregnant -- my time in his hands and say yeah I'll never imagined that I think we'd we'd say it's definitely -- hasn't been much longer I would last. I know yeah. Yea you don't let it is utterly and hang haven't even when -- I didn't think think yeah. In this business cards anyone and I didn't 10:9 Central -- run out here my goodness -- this way. A very -- OK it is. -- Yeah. It does and I'm so glad -- -- would be speeded. This is. MS how can you say hello to everybody -- These Italian -- -- Noticed -- Anderson have -- say it makes it pinky and and have up. And I -- an ongoing problem in their opinion and -- -- an -- -- -- -- and tell you are with -- here. Curious to -- -- views and I need you don't have a Mike got so tell me -- -- what you do and we're here we've been working with. A couple of different TV shows movies promote our daughter time -- that -- you really got it let's trial my ten let's get a -- close static out. Just say Good Morning America -- -- Good Morning America. Listen the Clinton go before the gambling and -- -- -- decision seen -- -- Good Morning America when you dig up. Police say Cecile can -- CEO from humans here he -- But the economic. When you decide later added that you wanna -- here we wanted to see it OK and I spend one of the -- Is she's also a lot of WA these -- these lights will warm you up quickly -- -- that we get to the table they'll go to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- OK I do I have I have some friends to chat with come between. Coming introduce yourself young man. They named Tyler -- -- And neck and that -- Hanson from used in. From Houston Texas and hand and his mother are here's. Joining us -- GMA alive because I -- your mom a couple of weekends ago and she said. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Some -- tell me about -- your interests and whether it. I just I just love like getting a weather and being moved from -- and -- I like seeing the storms who. Houston the great place to get interesting yeah he did have plenty to keep it daily weather kept the team is different or not -- -- You are so much like you and I was -- I I was so into -- I -- sense I did. Not dresses nicely as they're looking very little that he could take over and do whether it now you have to put up a map and -- it -- you can do little panel now. I'm Ann -- camp on this Sunday. -- is it fun to be here to -- -- good morning yes yen but it did did you learn anything this is let me tell you this is not a good example exactly what would go on. In your career at first pick me think. As I went to school to study meteorology do you think you'll do that family -- -- -- that I wanted him. Oh yeah yeah I think you -- very interested in this storm chasing aspect last. Do you think of that I'm I think it's it's wonderful it's. It any any time I wake up in the morning I don't know what to Wear -- -- he had just yelled down the stairs what's the weather today. And he always yes. This -- that he says Clinton has -- -- -- come and yes I'll ask you for having us I think he'll take this back back. -- -- -- Have a great morning. We are having convinced that we didn't have someone coming at her they're running red -- and put. So quick to time puts puts herself up their Rockefeller your beautiful face and working -- -- -- vehicles you know relatives everybody that trust everybody. -- Ross' hotel lobby lounge on television hair and on the Internet -- is what is happening. All right now we're waiting on very special guest World Cup champion -- -- is on her way she's literally running down the block right now. So she should be here you know any minute we'll talk to her own that is kind of World -- in -- soccer mania. -- -- And you know it's not about your wedding with -- testing is that -- -- -- -- -- -- here if you watch the shows it is getting married this week thanks rob. Everything that I -- lucky Linda. Well you know I did it went away for awhile which was a good thing probably take him back over forest came back but don't like those shoes. -- -- that you see much use happiness CM that basically nothing is that -- enough and had ice on the same tech as you guys are just up rather and brightly what do you gently and and -- and so both of you are celebrating. Her back and it together we'll get me. Solidly son and friends from licensing fees and it went from -- -- -- -- Hey I love how you both have that I and you totally Matt space today. Are you cousins sisters or anything like that apparently -- that it -- best friends. On that is mostly in the braces and everything I love you guys so -- -- Okay we're gonna go back and I think any almost hear anybody excited about the woke up. Excited yes did he adds I'm Daryn that we've got one person who is very excited now -- you ready to give us a -- -- Get a -- -- does Betty. -- okay. Waiting. That's -- Hamilton. Oh my goodness you know it took me fifteen years to do that I couldn't hit -- If -- doesn't -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Waiting not can I thank you -- yeah. She's won -- up let me tell you by the end that she can be taken a month away from me topping the entire way through GM and live. All right this is -- we have just got brand new breaking news and brandy is coming in. That's what I've heard were brought keeping them here it's coming -- yeah I -- -- -- -- that -- get rid of these Stewart yes we'll put those donned pink Anderson beat them. -- anything that was totally in February 5. And now time. Yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- in right here -- that one. Because every talent that maybe we can hear you beautiful. Still good what do you look at new York and also. -- a loving energy with a New York traffic I'm sure why don't we just so we're not. -- cars were -- wolf we ran he ran. It'll warm up fat sack allegedly you don't need anything that I didn't want to come on the -- to start every morning -- -- Yes -- never -- good so heavenly though for you it's been fourteen years I know. And the World Cup coming up in just ten days. I want to know from you first and means what proof what should we be looking for what -- people who are like a brand new person watching what you look important. Are you gonna see grace and elegance on an off the volume and a seat power and strength -- CUS team that is deeper than it's ever been. And we have the toughest group. With gone Portugal and Germany so it's not an easy road and we have 9000 miles to cover so -- the toughest road in terms of mileage but. -- is an exciting year for men's soccer and you know I think. One surprise no Landon Donovan but I think this team really has some great players that are going to make a difference in. You know they have a great spying Tim Howard in goal Michael Bradley in the senator think you man's. You know they've got some young talent so I'm really looking forward to June 12 when it kicks off when Brazil -- duration but then when US. Takes the field. And they take over again think -- you know and and that's obviously we're focused on -- there than as you're talking about it on the the challenges they'll face that you're so well known for the women's side of men and I was I've played soccer and has life played for about a week read -- No -- in -- applicable time intelligent but entitlement and an it is it's a typical -- but it's also and an especially in the US. Takes awhile for women to get into it sometimes but you of senate champion of that. Well I just kept saying I was very rambunctious young girl known that -- 48 say. And it just so happened that soccer came to my neighborhood and -- -- know anything about the game but they signed me up. And I love that it was literally like love at first kick in and so for me I think soccer such a wonderful vehicle for young people to obviously. Health and wellness. Message number one. I love the team aspect of soccer I love that you know I've had some super high highs as you can see there you know we won the World Cup. And wonderful group of women not only players but people. But ultimately I learned a lot about myself I had some really terrible injuries along the way and you know sitting on -- sideline Tommy a lot of lessons. And now as a parent -- get to share those with my sons and I'm the assists proud assistant coach of the under eight Santa Clara sporting so you know it's yeah. It's a lot of fun and so I get to be a role model both as a player and now as a parent and that's really important for me especially to -- cousins lessons carry on and that's all part of your initiative that you're here to talk about absolutely I'm here on behalf of Johnson & Johnson they are the health care sponsor of the World Cup. This is -- hard to believe and I was actually shocked because I didn't -- -- that. They will provide the first emergency medical bag standardized emergency medical bag that will be on the sideline of every World Cup game. And it with a defibrillator and other things that will be helpful in case of an emergency. But we've never had that before -- soccer so this is a -- standard that Johnson & Johnson is setting and yet they're failing company they they believe in taking care of each other small deeds of kindness -- carrying. You know or big deeds you know but every -- and about caring is really important because then it. Impacts that person to maybe go out and -- some -- themselves outstanding work connecting well with where we find Johnson Johnson before returning have a little fun with her wanna see her and that's also Monday you can go to and -- -- care dot com and planned hash tag James JR. A hash tag -- care so. He -- social media so big and please. Do something nice you know give some of the high five's help somebody with their groceries open -- -- Thing you know -- thing yeah a little -- that Al Fallujah and -- absolutely of that so we do -- act now that he's caught her breath from running in if we likely to lose it again yes. Have a lot of you're gonna need it. -- -- -- -- All right right airline yeah okay now I -- social media here are and of the most buzzed about Clarence on the -- are also the most buzz about off the field -- starting with the hottest guys drink tea extract in the World Cup. So we wanna get here -- right on the other pictures there are are accurately picture is because you -- think -- it all right and -- the following your track it I love my cousin. What do you know Egypt comments okay I'm all right so we're gonna start off first went -- -- not yes collapsed. He is in the same group as US -- movement -- exactly USA Germany and Ghana and the first group that's right -- think he cares. Sizzling yeah. I tell you I'll tell you why not only he's a handsome man on -- -- is very fit. But he he and his Real Madrid team just one. The UEFA championship and not -- something that they hadn't done for awhile. You know playing for Portugal I think he's got a lot of pressure it has had a lot of pressure over the last two World Cup so I feel he's -- -- the comfort zone that he hasn't been before so he's going to be very difficult. -- -- and also speaking every -- -- their rivals Barcelona we have -- PK Max who pleads for Spain who won in 2000 patent. -- think they're going to be the -- that he's very handsome. Music here is -- -- government and big yeah. Very -- command -- back very good. -- -- Plays with Nancy yeah it's gonna have to play against some costly but yeah very handsome yes beautiful blue eyes and a time when I noticed -- -- -- -- -- -- little bit of a weaker team not as strong as Spain or Portugal but for Mexico we have to recount and guess who his real name is Javier -- and placement to scenic and which I'm him I'm a man city fans so it's your -- here arrival. You know -- unfortunately Mexico just took a hit with an injured a really bad injury in the last game so. You know it's going to be it was a tough qualification for them -- it's going to be a tough World Cup but I think he's one of the best goal scorers in the world. Yeah for heart I think -- third. High -- score from Mexico he's he's and -- another -- came on mart Wal-Mart Heidi okay one more than that that's what he plays three USA Clinton don't think. Yeah I know we know -- yeah. I think I am rather -- -- -- Yeah he's not and now it includes a superstar you know I'm glad that he's back in and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- at -- wasn't -- -- -- came back from -- but I think. You know -- look for how much he loves soccer being -- you know I think he's true red white and blue. To have here an analyst -- really great for our young boys and girls who get to go to the -- to -- him on a weekly basis over time big thumbs up for the Dempsey yeah. Hundred -- thank you so much for being there my pleasure are so happy that you're able to make -- Like the running we have everybody -- -- -- a lot of I want and the -- real quick. And I think he knew nothing -- today. No there's not enough to ask hey you miss hey. You know pants and you -- LA you can -- my -- and every single game that he didn't I didn't. At 9 AM eastern. -- -- -- -- -- --

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