GMA LIVE! (6.5.14)

Rebecca Jarvis, Sara Haines and guest host Spencer Christian sample Dunkin' Donuts' new blueberry cobbler donut.
13:30 | 06/05/14

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Transcript for GMA LIVE! (6.5.14)
Ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live backstage at -- -- -- And CNN -- -- here on Good Morning America dot com where there's more DNA all day long. Rebecca Jarvis is here. And -- -- that you probably know better than. Yeah they're older. I don't. Welcome him when he sat night we both looked like maybe you should welcome -- -- -- you've spent more time here you're a legend here. All of my guys rock I appreciate your saying but -- I was here for -- almost thirteen years Good Morning America. From live late eighties to late ninety's and now I'm back for a little visit -- -- change. What this whole set is so different from -- that I work done it's busy tickets active but it's exciting -- -- get a lot -- I think what you say I love the picture of -- that they did a little montage this morning the 1986 what -- the hat they know my god I know that bit you Jim I used to simulate all kinds of crazy -- all over the country that haven't changed local. Until there -- this just some artists everything you know I was wearing a beret and -- like and -- -- you know and but today I guess I should have an easel here but that's more easily said than done it. Well it would -- live without -- -- so today yet she had -- burner here. -- -- -- -- And he got his beautiful audience behind. -- did -- and women. Yeah. Probably -- do. It again and again. Let's -- -- you have. Ups a burger fans are -- yes occasionally have a murder we're gonna -- on the loan I don't know much when you have a different spicy jalapeno happy new policy Obama. Fresh. Think I'm looking out right -- I've coached if you imply that there's some -- -- you know there's some cheese some delicious next. And you like to meet the -- on set eat nearly that's how she looks like that's the way it looked like Smith about -- And our biz news go take a vital as you've been up probably isn't what I kinda like -- -- good for this morning how was that preempt not good. Yet we won't talk to you love passing records -- -- -- why I used to heat that actually it's really tough when you're the one person on that eating right. How did you not me being -- -- weren't and there. I've heard -- feel like a lot of very Little Richard -- really funny take on it traditional -- he needs. -- pressing and making it interesting these figures sickened by this interview you keep -- even. -- -- -- able question for everybody was it was here right now in terms of that 52 rule you drop something on the floor who who actually picks it up -- yeah. Yeah I am okay. This is actually some good news for anybody who's doing that because. The people who adhere to the 52 rule apparently scientists -- -- a professor of medical microbiology is actually encouraging us to do that. To expand that -- not to be afraid of -- something that fell on the ground it turns out that our immune systems they are cleaning interactions with foreign bacteria. Yeah creamy interactions with foreign bacteria could certainly have -- He was saying. How -- back to -- -- from -- -- lyrics or remember. I don't think I'm all like yeah. -- part -- -- yeah. That they wanted. This is real bad -- Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah. Well you're ready I don't know about ready for -- -- -- yeah. Your -- yeah I. Got it wrong but what he's -- didn't cut off distance is horrible -- to work for someone have you ever had that awkward moment -- -- -- though right and someone like. 25 are all the way I like -- you -- But these guys from -- -- TV at a premium that's been trending online that makes fun of our obsession with a horrible thing for me to various means they're pretty greeted channeling. Here is the -- -- -- the street normal yeah. -- lightning. -- -- That there weren't a lot of people are coming out you pulled the door and by eighteen person nearly. Eat right start eating tips aren't needed Geithner arrived yeah. -- fresh and exciting feeling even more -- assurances. I do because I was -- god believers in the south to be so -- -- to better manage our civil -- And I hope that or you right in the steady parade keeps coming never stops we need to let go when you say enough is enough you -- on Friday I start here -- Pretend I'm getting really tired of government alone do folks a little at the store go to Ali don't judge be polite to you give them a precursor -- -- -- let -- -- I -- -- -- -- -- After -- -- fifty people that's enough yeah. Aiming high I was gonna see two or three -- I need they're not my -- very -- yeah like you a little bit -- because it's kind of -- New York City that is. It'll actually do that's so when you see you feel like wow the -- a better place this morning it's true. The worst is when your coming at a shopping here is and I think people are so determined to get somewhere in the evening -- adds up first. And they get out and they do their part in the -- and slap right back in your feet right -- -- -- drop for the stuff. And I don't drop -- to going to have a very humble but its aggressive and it doesn't look pretty -- and make it through a -- -- you instant rampant. Not another civilian again thanks to Graham I think you're sure Twitter almost order book among 30% to 80% minus -- Well I'm on this crusade for people to see the -- of today is eight pets of the day. We all know about famous grumpy cat yet -- yet -- you wouldn't you know about it was ready yet. -- -- -- putting down his name -- Lee and he's going to need ground beef had a run for her money with -- -- to -- account which is why I'm wrong that rise right. Because he did see him doing these various things that. I'm home home home overwhelming. Really exciting I -- -- run out of gas tank of gas probably abruptly takes a sultry. Have you seen it -- -- trending pets healthy I mean I heard about that. Pets are doing it these days raising. I'm impressive what -- -- Well currently has over 101000 followers on -- Henry housing matters so -- -- on -- program. Many out there by the tiniest Verron Haynes finally figured that not just an athlete -- -- -- Talk (%expletive) (%expletive) -- It's hard to get cholera and it's -- apparently it won't know about sleep. -- -- my nephew paid for that he do you do that I don't know at some illegal operation you. Including the city if you wanna go find him but he was visiting me when he paid all the -- look at his followers they jumped -- -- said. -- how do you have more followers than me but he of them don't tell my -- -- would -- That report while well yeah. -- -- Now we're talking would you continue to eat before we -- -- that another -- -- Angelina Jolie is walking tall right now with her huge. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Have you seen some -- -- IKEA designer Christian couldn't time I see that rain I don't know I was wondering what how you're gonna say yeah. Hey -- I don't know that he's not watching the yeah red alert and I'm creating custom line of porn inspired wedges for the actress has so far we've seen a black parent white and most recent heat. Golden. No word yet on whether she -- an -- celebrate her 39 birthday yesterday wallet. But we're told the start leading the party planning. Friends meet -- the kids -- about Angelina Jolie is. With all she's done in her life and you -- he had 39 unlike a lot to do. Just a couple of years maybe it wouldn't surprise us. Because percent is not that she looks older machines you know with all literary salon. On her political -- how to children shields twenty children you can handle later still have. With all that and like I need to not only eat pop in eighties out I need changing the world in some way of doing movies on the side Angelina -- -- I don't. Yes that's what you're saying she's pretty -- C trivia. LA tomorrow is national -- -- you might wonder why we just keep eating food brought to us. Center -- hungry for desserts -- More but -- get a free donut at Dunkin' Donuts tomorrow when you -- -- one of the new flavors here is blueberry cobbler. Don't bears where -- look at these little ones I'll tell you can't -- all the big -- -- and blueberry cop parlance to bush well knowledgeable. -- what are your QA doing it right there isn't are expected to make you like it until Barack who -- of the -- -- amount of rain here. -- interaction here. Literary traveler I think this is just spend our time he's -- They're very clean he'll be fine I'm really going to be don't have time it happened I love that we brought -- very -- energy. The loser of popular movie -- -- We're going down here blueberry cobbler and we're back and loving and waiting on -- -- I don't believe it. -- Nobody. You're going to be sorry again that is what I can inherit it let's bringing it reliant. And it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You. Can't start and we've gotten last thanks that you're gonna talk about in need find out which begin tonight yeah religious port -- fan I am. It's that the come -- doubts whatsoever that -- -- still -- nothing about what's going you know my brother I have. Three that there is and one brother he's the only boy -- fat kids that he needed to make somebody -- honorary brother and I was easier than dealing choice I would that you take them closes its. How about that violent sport much about it and -- as an NBA finals are tonight and even if you don't like that's why don't exports to -- -- law. -- it has everything that anybody would want has drama and hats trash talking there is loving this fighting with. Great album and some biggest soap opera that it is kind of like one great years yeah yeah you've phenomenal -- Like some of the greatest player of all time we're watching them in their primary now you know 1520 years from now we're going to be talking LeBron -- -- -- children saying we watch the skies and on the ground now yeah LeBron is the man level front -- of them can do right rising -- -- at the front. Not knowing what he actually report OK so tonight that mean this -- the rematch of last year's finals. Winds that -- won in seven games I need it came down to the wire like the absolute wire -- blob. He had been shot. And -- -- and you and I tell you it was the most dramatic finish this series of ever seen in my life I'm not you are watching IRA -- shot let me bring Paul up eyewitness economy. Yeah and you know we have fifteen associated Tony you know they played beautiful -- they've been together for many many years. They have -- -- -- one of the greatest players behind me one of the greatest coaches of all time they're playing the Miami Heat. Grab LeBron James Dwyane Wade Chris backs -- -- of the flashy it's best players -- -- and highest paid by the way well we'll let you know it's funny about it. They took pay cuts to play together -- superstars they also pick -- to go down there and play together his it was all about winning championships in the NBA it's all about winning championships -- That's what defines -- -- the left the -- still brought it what was it 300 million dollars yeah. No not without indictment that reality and -- are. I support what you might think -- -- -- kid didn't take that he would not meet airline and -- as you know on the endorsements with the he -- a third -- There also were -- her deficit to win a title the note get well when he. Exact yet it is fun it is -- long -- down with it can't thank. -- the NBA you know it's very flashy team but they're also very fashionable. -- -- pictures that we can show you guys -- very active LeBron James I believe. With their star player here we'll see brook our notice who often don't actually have that led -- -- -- -- argument. Expense doing now we don't know but every NBA player claims they read on that created -- top. So right sealock you know -- righted 300 million dollars last year as you're saying I didn't -- the key he sold all of these sneakers right -- Cecil what was it it was it's really like yeah most popular Nike -- -- he's under Nike -- there's Michael Jordan right yes those are still hot went out to at a quarter billion dollars to tell you got in his sneaker sales. LeBron I think -- start trying to become that level where -- -- that the secret and everything okay wait. We're gonna continue this conversation offline which I know you're gonna wanna continue -- So -- be sure -- -- Game one in the NBA finals like tonight 9 eastern 6 Pacific right here on EC and thinks dispenser for stopping by. -- -- -- --

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