'GMA LIVE!' (7.16.14)

Grumpy Cat and Oscar join the "GMA LIVE!" team for a day of fun.
15:32 | 07/16/14

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Transcript for 'GMA LIVE!' (7.16.14)
-- ready for some GMA lives. It all starts now live -- stated GMA. -- -- -- -- Harry and most importantly still won the only yourself a little less -- -- from a grumpy cat. -- -- -- I just say I you know sitting next to you it's an honor he could put it this is the greatest -- -- really great honor and didn't have. It's breaking his -- a lot of people have been familiar with something patent. But now she has brought her other famous friend -- -- The lines fat faster along with the respected human companions had a son and -- -- morning see guys. And how -- -- -- this morning. Thinking that had -- V yeah really just to let off like that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- real extreme ground beef -- of just attack. The and throughout the -- it gets worse so this is actually the happiness yes. She never agency's fifth and -- can hold up. But he's setting the -- -- is wearing off February -- a little bit he is. You know I wouldn't -- stress but yet you -- -- -- friend he'd rather be sweeping picked up yeah. Okay -- they're here because -- a brand new world premiere of union music video coming out so we wanna check it out first up further a deal. What is sure to be this year's summer and then enjoy -- -- Yeah. And yeah. And even yeah. -- -- It's. -- you yeah. Outstanding. It really is and I I said got to -- drunk he's had to wait a rise to the top do you ever you are concerned. Said that will leave us now getting a little too -- I don't I think got the tag Michaela -- I but -- -- what do you have to say about this. And that they wait a second. And second he says and graphic language that really had to -- into -- inner self. It would have been impressed me grumpy Jack -- do you ever did you ever enjoy ourselves as ever smile. Timid when he saw a little bit making that had some of any. Working with the other cats who put a massive thing that -- all of the I guess -- -- that she's now included the other cats that she obviously is doesn't have to -- though it's not like you know I'd like to share some of the well. Do you how was it like getting all the cats together this. It was totally awesome and we came into sharing a well yeah we can -- he was gonna donate. One drillers nailed her every. Video via online Cynthia -- YouTube channel. And watch the -- summer video you can help captain me -- this doesn't just for fun is actually hasn't. Really -- perfect absolutely and it's all in memory of her late friend -- -- -- Kathleen -- Ominous Yasser getting a little frisky over there were there any -- -- on set because we -- cuts comedians. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- While the -- they can go on another good news. And -- White -- -- how you adopt an aspect. Sure Oscar was actually. Little formed cabinet some morning -- -- the -- in the middle of Iowa and Dallas visiting the farm thought I was responding to Craigslist ad for musical instrument I found the student and he came home with me that day along with the -- auto -- Com. That's -- Good story so do we know what's next inning the video -- the videos -- great but this is going to be a hit -- adding right everybody right now. Yeah you see the people in studio good. Didn't it makes you wonder what could be next flood. Handicap has another book coming out in August. And -- could have. Holiday movie coming out in this accident he's got she writes she panics me ever walked home. Good better I mean it's just -- what what amazes me is she right she -- -- but here's just plays it cool front ends. Doesn't -- a lot the good -- me out tax. Cuts that it expects yeah. Crack and -- -- read any of it. I'd say that at -- bubbling up -- -- didn't I think that there was so nice to have both Oscar and grumpy thank you for being here is such a great cause we do on our mind everybody's still. And that you can see summer -- a music video. On -- and every again every head. A meal from fifty system different scenes trailers anything -- doing online conversation hash tag -- summer break we will be doing that -- -- -- to be to have kind of the summit I'd like to be some I've found -- out there it amounted to. Low -- I'm not really crying and I guess grabbing yes. He's cool about it is like what does it mean given up -- -- CNN. OK hey did you see this earlier today he -- figure out for -- next clip because it's also summer -- got to check this out it's called. It's -- -- Brothers who you might guess they like to jam. And here they're -- and now what does that fire about their instrumental to pass the ball around highly coordinated -- can't touch the water and then go. The ring of fire. Which is exactly how I slam dunk -- Three times. Yes you dispute that it's yeah it is at that yeah I just like -- got tough threw the ball and a blue grumpy. Your reaction. Yeah. -- that's impressed. And uncertain Marion the blinking and I think that's very get the emotion tactics Dino Molly shaker when the writers here and -- -- yeah do what we have forever and it will keep saying. She looks so much have you -- -- copycats when and then again maybe when she's she really does -- We're pretty rough sense that -- gets early rolled her eyes that he's -- How will will lynching me Miley later dropping again because then you have in the past and let you know they wanted to move on because -- is of course summer. Also means that we're. Wait for the holiday is and that what you want to think about as its Chilean -- yeah -- -- -- So let's and celebrates Christmas in July -- sneak peek at some of the hottest new toy that this here come on of employees went ahead and say hello. -- -- This is this is the stuff I mean every time we do a segment like this it's like the eye opener this very igniting every single time show me. Tell us use senior editor of the big -- black -- and the first time I hear in the Israeli here and I got daughters Brothers so I had better around the. He maligned as for the fact that the islanders did -- here -- is the -- of sky leaders track team. -- three years ago Activision introduce kids you really magical way to play by bringing physical toys to life. On screen in a video game but this year that magic is going to be rivers. So now we're bringing characters from the game to life inside toys. We'll yeah and I Bari defeated my fat guy on screen here in the game and I want to take this trap and trap the bad guy right inside the capsule isn't. Ticket right into that whale has the guy that's -- the habit OK -- -- women into. -- there down times. That's it now are -- right inside that owner -- we have so -- -- hasn't -- they -- creep out of there yet and she creep ever come back he had actually that once -- kept secrets in -- you're trapped teen Amtrak you can release them back into the game and play within and he fights for the good guys. Yeah -- another one crystalline and I sat way up at exactly right I know that's going to be a -- and I know what I'm going to get -- -- again today yeah. Already -- had not had twin boys so. This looks like they would love this there was absolutely sort of talk about our littlest ones -- -- this is and he laughed that -- -- Smart stages trains. Is this actually features three levels of learning place for kids ages six months to three year perfect for them yes you get a lot of play by out of this month. It's even as a moving play -- -- processed. And then I live now I -- and I put on the floor you -- you. Yeah -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well how how. We're talking yes is six months all the way up to three years -- -- licensed -- that's exactly fantastic look at the scene there's three easy levels the first is explore our youngest. It's and then and encourage really encourages them. To keep playing that -- -- protect you play it's actually tested his -- -- -- -- -- you pretend that I am now Ryan yeah. Sort of confused on how to stop -- which says something about me. Well it's not all the way -- -- yeah. That guy that's why. Yeah clip I love it it's really that that would work and yeah I just -- -- -- that we can -- we can -- wanted -- hit. Did you want -- -- -- I want to build a snowman yeah how did it. I love you really comes and he didn't think this is got to be -- -- when I was at this evening and it's doing its story the girls were waiting in line. For three four hours really adds that I believe it says this -- -- up from disease from getting kids are crazy about -- and retailers cannot keep these products on the shop that's not gonna change from the holiday season. So this is bring -- -- this year this is snow glow else -- just got her beautiful blue dress on. She says fifteen phrases from the movie. Yeah -- -- but watch what happens when you lift her arms right up and yes to -- -- her arms. How -- yeah. Yeah. Yes he's great -- -- -- -- -- receiver and of course comes with her fat -- -- how -- laugh yeah. Hinton who is this little guy is -- -- is so what does doesn't yet have great everything that's ever princess and what better way to train your -- -- -- -- magical one. -- -- Expect -- -- yeah prison his magic dance pom Gant hit this little button here. I confess I mean that's a sweet little black and downs she calls ought to -- from the magic want to -- well I'll -- the drive differently around relevant policies I don't want to call -- -- -- -- -- out catcher -- the and close look. -- anyway that's -- and a Grand Junction and Susan. And -- yellow tabby -- -- yeah where are and we. I'll give you an idea look -- catlett said. That's it still wearable tech is huge this year and -- kids can get in on the action as well this is the -- and it's. So kids -- this right around their wrists and it actually tracks their physical activity for the day I loved -- and -- yeah and it really gets -- encouraged to get act did -- this little pet avatar on screen here. And we want to keep them happy and how to we do that we -- -- decent physical challenges you ought to try one yeah okay great. Atlanta and he just I had the honor I have the fuels are some yeah -- did you like it I didn't like it at the end of the day -- got very weird you know -- about -- I didn't meet my own faith and be around my play. I think a lot of people do that -- -- -- -- anything yeah I think at this job that happens you fun activity like jump up and down like a kangaroo. Red Herring got. So we don't you just can't take it into the -- -- after -- -- -- happy. He's happy. To achieve our is gonna go right up and that's exactly what you want you -- -- Julia gets -- -- more contact. Oh my god it's them -- is great in this can be trades 47. -- asked about this cupcakes are awesome. This gift is amazing just because cupcakes -- -- cupcakes are awesome but what this kid doesn't that it's not as part of its kind has climbed from fashion angels. It gets -- girls' interest seeking business cognizant -- this case comes with everything kids need to create beautiful cupcakes but it also comes with. Sales receipts border warrants. Fans in this conference planned Isaak -- -- -- -- -- to contact the IRS it doesn't but it gives you everything you need to be machine he. Wow how about that. And I would have been all of this really made our own we loved having little businessman. And today exhibit that's -- yes I need a volunteer that is what we want it gone over here. -- over here. So this is for any different there this is in there and strike -- -- can't EC and -- the last 02 there's. Yeah yeah yeah but of when -- at all it's actually have cars got their act as it's ever have -- built in camera Wright gives it a holding an holdout has not trigger -- that a full time and that -- -- issue on the top triggered. Staying out of you got it okay now duke it out. -- -- -- -- -- -- Hello. And our panel long way had indeed it's -- yeah. I think we've got to -- yeah. Yeah the and I have the -- kind of an aids because of my husband's favorite everyone yes but ever since this all ages. It determines it can't Clinton -- -- the cameramen. -- absolutely extinguished most of these beautiful yeah. Admit that was almost catastrophe. -- pay attention and get on out and they don't strain OK -- at the end yeah isn't thank you Carl so much -- Isn't good. Thank -- for big -- -- and everybody finds all of these are currently not until the F that they will be out in October. Yeah. You know where you're gone and I -- think that's right. -- -- Paper an exact thanks so much for being here with having and thank you so much to -- yet blind -- For cats -- -- we cannot wait Ryan sent things to be here thank you ginger keeping him right after it nothing against -- that's right. We're gonna go ahead and -- each other but you don't know -- attempt. I AME then how does. Everybody does not -- to -- -- -- yeah yeah. -- Management yeah. -- --

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