World's Largest Marshmallow Mosaic Is A Sam Champion Portrait

Sam takes a bite out of a 100-square-foot portrait of himself made entirely of marshmallows.
3:00 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for World's Largest Marshmallow Mosaic Is A Sam Champion Portrait
You have a surprise guest member we have to -- we had -- Anchorage hazy and. The fast talking at -- that we actually had -- -- -- that she -- down yeah. It was entirely in super slow -- And it sounds normal yeah she's saying all those worth well yeah all -- they -- outside -- in Times Square competing to break world records in it turns out. We do have one winner. What -- what am I just know it's something up that Sam margulies told me how many times you told me right. You wish that you could hold a Guinness world record I heard you say that's him. I don't think I've ever so that. Primary. OK -- they have never saw was Florida a and W heard him say -- -- -- yeah. Yeah. I'm really. You giving yell I'm gonna bring it didn't Hitler. But the puck and the world's largest large -- at. And now I want everybody. Look at -- giant man who look at how big does -- -- -- -- -- -- example by. I really know this is OK I and you certainly a lot of parliament. Hitler and his team Hobbs did you do this I II. You know you were the we'll -- got into such an incident. We wanted to honor you I think army so when I heard and I think you should hang a senior house yes I -- you know what I -- -- to build a house to hang an end. It's real -- it. Are these these are fresh marks vulnerable -- -- Well there's -- in the -- -- entertainment district -- there it is he is giving the -- this isn't that the world's -- -- You are your friend you don't and a -- that heard -- as I mean this is right here. This is one of a hydrant there ends and if you could fully appreciate. All. In line to -- I can't happen so I wonder what was. -- single most difficult thing about capturing that it all added let's put. Beauty yeah and -- what what was matters I'd say. Maybe the -- -- yeah. My sparkling blue eyes as he just can't imagine not brilliant but America stand further back you -- really hit it looks more like I think it looks exactly and we don't like to present them -- got partially totally gets the -- I would imagine if you get it -- -- imagination the way to go ahead sir yes. World record -- for the -- the Patrick -- largest marshmallow mosaic. There it is indeed I can confirm good morning rule that your dreams have come true that and this is the world's largest -- not a mistake an amazing. 100 square feet to get let you a Guinness -- record holder. It. Congratulating. I think imagining him. Like the Olympic. Acquired a -- a lot of folks couldn't -- -- -- not. -- and eager illiteracy that -- still very much Stuart Claxton guy in the in the Guinness folks think you very much she carries you guys have gaffes at McDonald's announced pigeon. -- -- -- -- Beautiful lovely studio automatically -- -- Get out and -- Constance -- -- -- don't even Alexander. Eating them is that. -- -- --

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{"id":20815846,"title":"World's Largest Marshmallow Mosaic Is A Sam Champion Portrait","duration":"3:00","description":"Sam takes a bite out of a 100-square-foot portrait of himself made entirely of marshmallows.","url":"/GMA/video/guinness-world-record-largest-marshmallow-mosaic-sam-champion-20815846","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}