Houston Astros star Alex Bregman talks about winning the World Series

The infielder describes what it was like to win the World Series live on "GMA."
4:01 | 11/06/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Houston Astros star Alex Bregman talks about winning the World Series
Time to celebrate the Houston Astros and their incredible world series victory. Who could forget that unbelievable walkoff hit in the tenth inning of the game five. Well, that hero, he's here this morning and we're playing his walk-up song, Tom petty's "Won't back down." Come on out. Astros third baseman, Alex Bregman. ??? Won't back down you can stand me up at the Gates of hell but ??? How are you. Very happy for you, Alex. Thank you. It's crazy. Good morning, America. Good morning, America. I know. Oh. All hail. No. Oh, my gosh, tell us about, you know, the game is on the line. Game five, very, very crucial. You get that hit. It's something that you dream about as a kid. You're playing baseball in the backyard with your little brother and your dad and you put yourself in those moments and then the best part about the whole thing is seeing just your teammates rush the field and the smiles on their faces, seeing how happy they are. It's just special. Special, special day. Yeah, it was a total team effort throughout the series, throughout the whole season like that, going to the game seven and, you know, just this is only your second year, right? You kind of made it look easy. No, it was -- yeah, like you said a complete team effort all year long and I think the world series really showed what our team was all about, just we had so much adversity, we had our whole starting pitching staff go down at one point during the season and we just found a way to battle through it and we got down in game two with arguably one of the best closers in baseball on the mound, Jansen and marwin hits a Homer to tie up the game and facing Kershaw in game five and down two more and altuve ties it so had to have been one of the best world series ever. It was highly eptsz takening and got to say Houston strong, love that you all wore that patch and I know it was more than just wearing that. It was just the spirit of the city that you all carried with you throughout. Yeah, it was super, super special to us to have that patch on our uniform and, you know, we -- when the hurricane hit, we were on the road for probably 20, 20 -- we were -- 20 games or so and we kind of got -- we got messages from back in Houston and it was tough for us not being able to be there and help the people out and we thought that we had to play for them the rest of the year and we felt them with us the rest of the year. They were the people of Houston were there for us. Yeah, you know, I grew up in the New Orleans area and when the saints won after Katrina and the same feeling you have of giving to that city of just, you know, going through some really hard times and just gives them some hope like that. You gave us some hope. You were on "Saturday night live" with some teammates this weekend, "Snl." I know, crazy. Come on. Yep. Leslie Jones. Gave -- what was that about. Leslie Jones, hilarious. Oh, my god. Like just kind of like "Good morning America," I watched it all the time. Met Miley Cyrus. Life has been crazy. It's a young team and you alluded to could -- this could happen again and again and again winning it all. Yeah, now it's tough. You see how the giants won one -- they say the even years like every other year because we did play a month later than every other team so not as much of a break, not as much of an off-season but got to figure out the right recipe to keep coming back like the Yankees did and win a ton of them. Well, you and joy the ride and congratulations to the entire team and just, it was exhilarating to watch. Thank you. Just a little baby. Looked mighty at home on "Snl."

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{"duration":"4:01","description":"The infielder describes what it was like to win the World Series live on \"GMA.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50952005","title":"Houston Astros star Alex Bregman talks about winning the World Series ","url":"/GMA/video/houston-astros-star-alex-bregman-talks-winning-world-50952005"}