Inflatable trampoline goes airborne, drags woman

The jumping pad lifted 50-feet with children inside at a festival in upstate New York and reportedly knocked a 76-year-old woman unconscious.
2:21 | 10/16/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Inflatable trampoline goes airborne, drags woman
We are back now with those new concerns about safety after an inflatable trampoline in Buffalo went flying in the air on Sunday with several children on it hitting and dragging a woman nearby. Gio Benitez is here with this story. We hear this over and over. Always so scary. Good morning. This happened at an annual fall tradition, the event, the corn maze, so many children and families were there when a sudden wind gust just changed everything. One of the bounce houses got airborne. Reporter: The terrifying moment an inflatable trampoline is picked up by a gust of wind at the maze festival. Multiple injuries at the corn mazr. Reporter: It lifted 50 feet from a cornfield. Several children playing on it at the time treated for minor injuries. Somewhere in between 20 and 25 children were in there when it flipped over. Reporter: A 76-year-old woman struck and dragged nearly 20 feet was reportedly knocked unconscious. It appears to be just the one injury. Reporter: Was rushed to the hospital with N nonlife-threatening injuries. Authorities are investigating whether it was properly secured at the time. This the latest among a number of recent incidents involving inflatable atractions. In April five children were injureds a slide and bounce house were kept up in a strong gust of wind at a carnival in South Carolina. All juveniles. Get out of here. Reporter: Midflight it rammed into power lines. One of these amusement rides got airborne. Oh, bounce house. Reporter: In 2015 three caught in a horror taken for a ride when a 30-foot-wide waterspout hit a ft. Lauderdale beach. I was thinking I was about to die. Reporter: Wind gusts in the area reached 25 miles per hour. Winds inflatable safety experts say can be unsafe. At 18 miles per hour you need to shut the down and completely deflate it. Even with the stake. Yes. Reporter: As for the latest incident near niagara falls we reached out to the manufacturer of that inflatable trampoline but have not heard back just yet. Authorities say they're still looking for answers on this and want to know other children, were other children there? They want to hear from them. Even with those stakes in the ground when the wind is whipping like that you can't do anything even with those stakes. That's right because it really is -- even though it is heavy, it really is light when you're talking about strong winds. Yes, scary stuff, thanks very much.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"The jumping pad lifted 50-feet with children inside at a festival in upstate New York and reportedly knocked a 76-year-old woman unconscious.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50504469","title":"Inflatable trampoline goes airborne, drags woman","url":"/GMA/video/inflatable-trampoline-airborne-drags-woman-50504469"}