Irish Dance Legend Michael Flatley Announces Retirement

Lara Spencer reports the buzziest stories of the day in "GMA" Pop News.
4:32 | 09/22/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Irish Dance Legend Michael Flatley Announces Retirement
We begin "Pop news" with this. The reason we're playing the song, it is the last dance for Michael flatly. The lord of the dance announcing that he will retire at the end of his upcoming eight-week run on Broadway. Flatly is credited for bringing Irish dancing to the world stage with his hit in the '90s remember riverdance. I think we all went, the great white way remainsow as llpa S Rd hetoonnck C making sure get it's free. Lfinapp area for younger you know those pnd works of art you just can't throw Aw nice T archive some look back O boys get There is an app for th artk e.iv it costsdownload and it catalogs them with the date and age. You can even turn that artwork into a book. And Becky joins us now. You have other apps to help us figure out how to use of cell phones. Huge part of back to school is getting back INT routine, it day for teens and tweensso, parents, you are goi Two years ago. Two years ago? Everybody, send me your ideas for Halloween please, Michael, thank you for all your years of dance. I was baby George. Oh, I forgot. Should we move on? Thank you, riverdance. How do you go on from dancing robots? You know how you do it with this maybe saying good-bye to Michael flatly but hello to one of TV's hottest shows "Black-ish" coming back to ABC primetime tomorrow night. A "Pop news" pop in right our, the star -- ? Anthony Anderson. I wore my plaid tartans for him. Was that your lord of the dance. My lord of the dance. If you were a robot doing lord of the dance, how would you do it. There you go. I think so. I don't know. All right, so are people constantly putting "Ish" on words around you now. They are, they are and it's fun. It's become a thing. It has. I'm glad you think so. We created a game called talking smack-ish. With Anthony anderson-ish. Anthony-ish. Co-star past or present, the first thing that comes to mind -- Past or present. I want to talk to you about pass or present. Your church leader. No, this is any co-star that we come up with, you come up with a word. It's very, you know, sort of -- Go for I had. Rorschach test. Smack or not. Co-star number one, Tracee Ellis Ross. Beautiful-ish. That's good. Most beautiful. Lose the ish. And talented. Laurence Fishburne. Scary. Leo Dicaprio. Who is he? We used to be neighbors. Famous-ish. No, talented-ish immensely. You worked with him in what movie? What did we do? "The departed" and we were neighbors living in the same building when I lived here shooting "Law and order." What up, Leo. Is he on speed dial? Nope. He wouldn't give me his number. All right. Another departed co-star Matt Damon. Funny. Really. Yes. All right, I love that. Yeah. Shia laboeuf. Crazy. No ish on that. No ish needed there and then from "Empire" cookie to taraji P. Henson. Let me take crazy by from shia and put it to taraji. Very big friend known each other since 1988, went to college together. What was she like. Same way, cookie Jr. She's just evolved and grown into cookie. She dropped the junior and just cookie. So happy you're back. It's fun. We're happy. We're picking up where we left off and we're raising the bar. Robin will talk to you about that coming up or one of you -- I can't. I have a doctor's appointment. But can I say, you look the final dream on his bucket list and continues to takehat T in a big way starting in November. The show is called "Lord of the dance:ange Dus rogames." He and his troupeil wl dance

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