Latest Details on NYC, NJ Bombings Investigation

ABC News' Pierre Thomas and former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly analyze the police work that led to the takedown of Ahmad Khan Rahami.
2:21 | 09/20/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Latest Details on NYC, NJ Bombings Investigation
For more on the investigation let's turn ABC's senior justice court top spot at Pierre Thomas and former new York city police commissioner Ray Kelly who's here in the studio. With us here let me start with you what are your sources telling you about the investigation were stands right now with the latest. Good morning Robin sources are telling me to focus right now is on the last six months to a year Harley slight. Who was he talking to who's he associating with. The search into any phones and computers tied to him to examine his social media footprint try to determine whether he was radicalized by prices or al-Qaeda. Some sources suspect he got his bomb making design from a deadly cookbook posted on how. How does inspire magazine also trying to Trace its travel during that 2013 trip to attack Afghanistan and Pakistan. They wanna know who we made contact with fair and that trip was long ago but officials are leaving no stone unturned every aspect of his life is being as active. And another question they're asking did he get any help anybody else involved with these bombings. The official word right now is no evidence of a terrorist cells supporting him but my sources emphasized the so early in the investigation. They need to know a lot more about this man. They need to know if there's somebody else out there who knew what he was planning to do you are here thank you and gummery have recoup what he told about what law enforcement is full. And on about the bombs. Well lots of questions are part of our law enforcement as was said accomplices are the water till up all about the right now for the family members and involved. The bombs themselves war. Fairly basic but there were two different types of bombs that was at the pipe bombs using black powder there was a pressure group of bombs. Using what's called ten all right so where did he get these materials. Where did he build the bomb. Why is were found in the apartment until the heat yesterday so these are questions that are going to be asked by investigators. As soon as this individual. Will if he doesn't cooperate obviously can't get from him but they'll be asking his. His family and his a companions. The question is also what was a radicalization processes. For this individual and again I was whoever focus on the trip. Overseas and we know that he went to other places and is as was said is he telling the truth is that. Who wary when did he go to Turkey or or Syria. And that obviously the these trips are going to be the the the foundation for much more in depth investigation. Mostly we get him open up about the things we hope I can thank you very.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"ABC News' Pierre Thomas and former NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly analyze the police work that led to the takedown of Ahmad Khan Rahami.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"42214561","title":"Latest Details on NYC, NJ Bombings Investigation","url":"/GMA/video/latest-details-nyc-nj-bombings-investigation-42214561"}