Mark Wahlberg said Mel Gibson was the 'only guy' to pull off playing his dad

The "Daddy's Home 2" actor said Gibson was the only person who could "be that cool" and make his character "nervous and anxious."
6:35 | 11/08/17

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Transcript for Mark Wahlberg said Mel Gibson was the 'only guy' to pull off playing his dad
we said earlier we have a great audience here and when you have a great audience you have to bring out a great guest. And we're going to bring one to the table. He's a superstar actor and producer and now he's back on the big screen in a new comedy "Daddy's home 2." Please welcome Mark Wahlberg. ??? Welcome to my house ??? I came bearing gifts. How are you? Good to see you. How are you? Yes, I came. Here, robin. I came with a gift. Thank you. Michael. Wow. Thank you. Thank you, sir. I came with a gift. Isn't that sweet? Unlike my co-star will Ferrell who regifted a fruit basket. Sarcasm. This sincerity and love that I bring with these gifts. It's going to be warm. I would put that on but would mess up my Mike situation. You can regift it. You and will aren't competitive at all so, no. Not at all. I cannot believe he gave you fruit from the dressing room. You actually gave him. I heard you messed with him end the scenes on the set. We actually love each other but there are moments in the movie where John lithgow and him have to kiss for an awkwardly long time and will was a little -- he didn't like it that much but he didn' want to say anything so I kept telling John he really liked it a lot. So not open mouth or open mouth just air, not tongue but it was one of those things where will started getting really like annoyed and then John is it just, you know, he's a wonderful, sweet man and started trying to kiss me and I was like that's it. John plays his father. Mel Gibson plays your father. You have any scenes like that. You know, we are not the type to really show affection. So I do get a little jealous that they're able to show affection. He has never told me he loved me and I talked about how he sent me to military school when I was a kid and said I was witting the bed but I was 4 years old so we had a tough, tough relationship. But the whole movie is about us working together to kind of finally come together and bond. So I don't want to give away what happens. I don't want to give it away either. I loved it. Loved the first one. Really loved the second one. And talk about Mel. The different dynamics and how fathers raise their children. What kind of dad do you think you are? Well, it depends. I try to be pretty strict but yet I want to be really cool and want them to perceive me as cool but I have a tendency to embarrass my kids and it's always trying to be affectionate. Want to get a hug or kiss usually at school or the football field and they're like get away from me. If I have to introduce them to will I can be perceived as cool for short spurts. You were featured on "Gq's" website, the most dad outfit of all time. Oh, wow. That's adult attire. Going to play golf. But I have my food so that's pretty bad training for a movie so I promised the director I was going to get in shape and I'm carrying food. That's pretty bad. That's bad, yeah, 46. That's what happens. You don't look in the mirror when you leave the house at. You just go. You guys want to see some of the movie? Yes. Snowblower. Oh. I love this scene. I love this. Let it go. Aaagh. Let it go. Aaagh. Are you all right? Look what you did to the side of my car, man. This is what you wanted. This was a great test audience. This woman was laughing hysterical hysterically. A lot of bad things happen to will in this movie and I'm usually just standing by observing. People are like, wow, did you do your own stunts. I did them all this time. Mel Gibson is not normally nope for comedy. What was it like working with him. Will and I were so comfortable with each other. Had the same crew and cast from the first movie so will and a do a lot of improvising and the first day it was like, oh, my god, these guys are going crazy but then he just jumped right in. He had such a good time throughout the entire movie. I remember the last day we were actually doing this giant dance sequence and singing which I hate and I'm like, oh, my god, I'm just waiting for my part and see Mel dancing out of control and it's like, he isn't even on camera and played the part to a tee to find a guy to play dusty's dad and be that cool coming down the stairs and make dusty nervous and anxious there's only one guy. What do you mean you hate -- we know you for your singing. I hear you do some freestyle rapping. Just to annoy my kids. Trust me. No, to sing and dance on a Tuesday morning in front of a crew of 300 that have seen it over and over again, no, it's my worst nightmare. John lithgow is such a pro. Amazing, amazing. Such a sweet man. You look at his body of work and the talent that he has, I mean to get Mel and John to play our dads, it really just took the piece to another level. Sorry. Go ahead. This is your third film with will also. Yeah. How do you keep a straight face? He was here yesterday and he just goes. Click. It's hard to keep a straight face with him. See, I don't think he's funny. At all. Every time I do it I'm like, oh, okay. This is not going to work. We were doing a drama here. No, will, it's just one ef those things if I bust it takes me a while to get back to being in character. But he's such a sweet guy and, you know, he comes as comedy comes from a place where he's just enjoying making people laugh. Not like most comics dark and weird and trying to be funny on set but they're like, oh, my god. You don't want to be around this person when they're not on this medication so he is just a really sweet loving guy and he's a family guy first and, you know, we have a lot in common when it many coulds to that. You have a lot of in common. You just described yourself. I love him like a brother. Big brother. He is a big dude. I give it to him. You guys are great. It works. The first one is great. The second one is great. "Daddy's home 2" hits theaters on Friday. Make sure you see it. Mark Wahlberg, everyone.

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{"duration":"6:35","description":"The \"Daddy's Home 2\" actor said Gibson was the only person who could \"be that cool\" and make his character \"nervous and anxious.\" ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"51003612","title":"Mark Wahlberg said Mel Gibson was the 'only guy' to pull off playing his dad","url":"/GMA/video/mark-wahlberg-dishes-daddys-home-51003612"}