Martin MacNeill Neighbors Testify About Day Wife Died

The physician is on trial for allegedly killing his wife by giving her a lethal dose of medication.
4:03 | 10/21/13

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Transcript for Martin MacNeill Neighbors Testify About Day Wife Died
half hour with the case so many people are following. The utah doctor and sunday schoolteacher on trial for the murder of his wife. PROSECUTORS SAY martin MacNeill pressured her to get plastic surgery and then fed her an overdose of drugs. Reporter: The latest round of TESTIMONY IN THE parton MacNeill trial began with an urgent knock on the door from a 6-year-old child. I went to the front door. It was ada. And she just said, my dad needs some help. Reporter: Prosecutors say LITTLE ada MacNeill just discovered the lifeless body of michele in the bathtub when martin MacNeill asked her to get help. I could hear martin yelling. When I first went in, I saw that michele was in the tub and martin was over the tub. Reporter: Macneill's lawyers say the former beauty queen died of a heart disorder. PROSECUTORS claim MacNeill gave her a deadly overdose of prescription drugs. He said he needed a male's help? That's what I remember. Reporter: She said she called her husband. She looked lifeless and collapsed. Reporter: He says something seemed off. Telling jury yors it didn't appear MacNeill tried to give his wife cpr or that he even needed anyone's help to get her out of the tub. I definitely could have gotten her out of the tub myself. Reporter: First responders testified MacNeill had outbursts while they tried to help her. He was yelling that she was on a lot of medication. It was distacting because of the volume that it was yelled at us, yelled at michele. We're going bring in abc news chief legal affairs anchor dan abrams. What stood out on friday? They're trying to show he acted between bizarrely or activity sabotaged the rescue efforts. One of the most important things we heard is one of the neighbors arrives, seems ready to help, and instead of saying help me, help me, he says, I think I need a guy's help to get my wife out of the tub. I think the jurors will have a real problem with that. What was the defense's response to that? The defense says he was trying to provide cpr. He was doing the best he could. He was trying to call 911. There's just going to be a number of problems with that account. Because there are inconsistencies, not just if what he said but in what he did and how he did it. And the witnesses expected to take the stand in the next couple of days, what impact could they have? We'll see more police witnesses. This is a human case. The prosecutor are hoping the jurors say this makes no sense. This just doesn't add up. The next set of witnesses you're going see a bit more of the first responders testifying. The police testimony. The most important testimony we're expecting, of course, are going to be his own daughters who are going to come in and testify against him in no uncertain terms. These daughters are points the finger at dad. The guy we idolized, the guy we grew up with, the guy we followed, that's the guy that killed our mother. His older daughters? The younger went to the neighbors. That's right. The youngest daughter, at the time, 6 or 7, knocking on the neighbor's door saying daddy needs help. It's the older daughters who believe in hair heart. One was taking notes, before this all happened, about her concerns about what he was doing with mom. And they've held pictures up of their mother in court. Absolutely. They've been instrumental in getting this case to trial. Thanks, guys. Now to the debit card scam involving the wives of two major

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{"id":20632252,"title":"Martin MacNeill Neighbors Testify About Day Wife Died","duration":"4:03","description":"The physician is on trial for allegedly killing his wife by giving her a lethal dose of medication.","url":"/GMA/video/martin-macneill-murder-trial-neighbors-testify-day-wife-20632252","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}