Meet the Inspiration for Oprah's New Tea

A homemade chai tea made by a cab driver from Mumbai and his family set Oprah on a path of finding the perfect blend.
3:00 | 03/30/14

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Transcript for Meet the Inspiration for Oprah's New Tea
Water it's about to become the next big thing -- being -- against. Forget the traffic chino vicious China ET Oprah's special planned to that is about to be sold at Starbucks to stay hot she developed it herself children how to make it in this video. Explaining her inspiration came from a trip to India literally was sitting at the home of some people who had some. Really nice to you. So we traveled through -- -- streets of Mumbai in -- of that scene Stanley. Turns out we didn't have to look very far Howard. -- changes demanded Oprah's video a simple cab driver how did you feel what you're met Oprah. If anybody has the field -- the get mad -- anybody -- Story develops suggestion invited us to his home in a small -- in southern Mumbai it's a place -- romance sleep in alleyways. Children get haircuts on the streets only Indian and -- he still remembers the day that Oprah showed up on history musical profane. Yet so this is where you deeper in the -- -- Rajesh takes us inside his home. This in the future and can appear. While his wife uses a neighbor's kitchen to make us her famous -- how does it knowing that it was your home that inspired Oprah. We did what attendant Ankiel I am I didn't think I'd being. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The story of -- in India goes back to around -- 1950s. When the drink really took off. Tea pickers in places like here in -- you -- -- tea leaves by hand. The leaves -- then roasted and -- before they're packaged and sold. Nice to meet you -- him to -- more about shy teen revisited -- deal one of India's top chefs here in India. You know people would take time out of their days. To have a couple team. How did teen becomes a different beat is still live cup by cup -- -- -- -- -- from his -- It's plus is. Agreed. Nearly every Indian family has its own recipe for teen chef -- showed us his it includes. Water milk round tea leaves part of an cinnamon cloves and it -- just happen. It's really boiling up. It's all boiled together just like -- soup ingredients -- -- strained out and it's served piping hot. This is fantastic thank you. Thank you mrs. The perfect way to start. -- morning. Back get -- -- -- -- was his wife her body spills the beans on her own secret recipe that. The team that inspired Oprah herself to make her own brand is nothing more than water T close sugar and milk the only secret ingredient is that it's made from the hearts. -- amendment on the Internet. And let me -- Here we -- this is misty. That business. Very lucky. For Yahoo! dot moral drinking some of the best team in India and Mohammed -- ABC news in Mumbai.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A homemade chai tea made by a cab driver from Mumbai and his family set Oprah on a path of finding the perfect blend.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23118945","title":"Meet the Inspiration for Oprah's New Tea","url":"/GMA/video/meet-inspiration-oprahs-tea-23118945"}