Melissa McCarthy's Style Secrets Revealed

The actress was inspired to start her own clothing line because clothes aren't often made the right way for women's bodies.
3:17 | 09/09/15

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Transcript for Melissa McCarthy's Style Secrets Revealed
oh. Head Abo it. I kind of miss sacking him. You miss sacking him. Had to throw that in. I had to. We miss watch you sack him. Well, some people don't. Thank you, juju. Now to O "Breakfast rescue." This morning is all about muffins and you can grab them on the go but arehey T a smart choice? ABC's Becky Worley is here with some answ good morning, becky.v and comedy and the rest is sort of history there. Yeah. Started a fashion line at 77. So Melissa Mccarthy 77 is her line and this is not something she just sort of threw her name on and is looking to rake in money. She's a hands-on part of this entire line. She is executing these designs and meticulous about where a seam is running to where a button is placed, something that knees a pleat or a pocket here or there. She's kind of obsessed really. She's also meticulous where it will be placed in the store. Yes. Talk about that. One of the missions she's on and it's really fantastic is that her goal is for all of her sizes and it's important to stress, this is not a plus size line. It's been written up that way. That's wrong. This is an all sizes line 4 through 28. And she wants all of the sizes of her clothes to be in the same place on the main floor. So this idea that, you know, a woman who might be a slightly larger size can't go shopping with her friends because it's like, bye, see you later are I have to go over to the tire section to where my clothes are, that's crazy and she's calling out a lot of stores on that and demanding all of her sizes be kept together. Taking action. She has a lot of tips. Number one and shouldn't surprise anybody, make it fun. Yeah, absolutely. You know, what Melissa said is that as her sizes changed over the years or her different tastes or ideas changed she never lost her sense of style and what she wants is this idea that you can wake up any day and some days you feel like wearing cheetah princes and leather pants. Referee day. And the next day you want to wake up and feel sort of like a sexy secretary vibe with a big floppy bow tie or something like that that you should be able to mix it up, do whatever you want from day to day that it doesn't have to be something that's so heavy. It lays into her next tip, ignore all the rules. Exactly. There is no -- she wants to make it very strong that you shouldn't be telling yourself, I can't wear that now because I'm a mom or I can't wear that because I'm over 40 or I can't do that because -- you know, I never -- wear patterns, wear prints, wear whatever you want. I love this one. She says pay it forward. Pay it forward so two of the shirts in her line have messages on them. One says you're doing great and the other one says good for you and that was inspired in part by her daughters who one day were walking with her and saw a man walking down the street with just a completely vulgar saying on his t-shirt and she was inspired to create something that would make other people feel good when they saw it and that they would feel good about putting on. We only have five seconds. Who is number one on the best dressed -- ? Reese Witherspoon. Look at her on a red carpet and you will know why. Stunning. Go get "People" on newsstands on Friday. Outside to ginger. We are celebrating everybody

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"The actress was inspired to start her own clothing line because clothes aren't often made the right way for women's bodies.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33624428","title":"Melissa McCarthy's Style Secrets Revealed","url":"/GMA/video/melissa-mccarthys-style-secrets-revealed-33624428"}