Miss America Winner Betty Cantrell Recalls Crowning Moment

The young Warner Robins, Georgia, beauty pageant contestant joins "GMA" to discuss this year's competition.
2:07 | 09/15/15

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Transcript for Miss America Winner Betty Cantrell Recalls Crowning Moment
Everybody's in love of Britain is America's. I even a full. Congratulations not only beautiful let's march 20 wingers all guys. First I can't it was whiny eight year. I I tell everybody you work what the other finally had his presidential halfway Ellis at first local analysts called this presidential pathway to that in your on the pathway to becoming the president's I don't know maybe maybe yeah and the mania an element and we'll think in the meantime though congratulations how does it feel to be wearing built an incredible liking seeing you look at an unlikely doesn't forget about my and it's the coolest thing. It's so much bigger than my state crown it I can't Connie and I think credible while you Wear it well my friend where we turn. Tables if you will for as little popping situation. We would like you if you don't mind to look at two clips and then you be the judge or no luck I laughed so I'm these are pop culture clips that are. How to related. And this one is best I don't walk contested one Sandra Bullock. And congeniality. Yeah hello hello okay contestant to bends our own companies do. And walking off. When it's no question Anis and his crown who gets around. Did the Santa but like I think could. Harper is still getting out there even she bell lap I think that's excellent a lot of confidence amid an understandable it did you have to practice. Oh yes I doubt very much there's a technique to the lock you know just a choir pageant would you mind showing I'll ask the Wrigley. An amendment to get tested it come trying out. Okay okay. A little back. Yeah. I hate you don't you. Right now. Retired judge visit on this is court he best. Best performance following Israeli time. Oh. Yeah the best. Oh. I.

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{"duration":"2:07","description":"The young Warner Robins, Georgia, beauty pageant contestant joins \"GMA\" to discuss this year's competition.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"33768510","title":"Miss America Winner Betty Cantrell Recalls Crowning Moment","url":"/GMA/video/miss-america-winner-betty-cantrell-recalls-crowning-moment-33768510"}